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Current Treasures

Happy Friday! Wow, this week has been a week. Anyone else? All I can say is that I can't wait to relax a little this weekend. Like, kick back in the sun with a glass of wine while listening to a record or podcast and/or read a book. Just relax. Who is with me?

Current Treasures
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loving. my new beauty products! My skin has been struggling with adjusting to Seattle's climate, resulting in my combination skin breaking out. Sad face. So after spending hours watching skin care routines and reviews (bless Youtube), I have ordered some new products. And they've finally arrived! If you follow my Instagram stories, you saw that I just got a big haul of products from Glossier (that link gives you 10% off!) and Drunk Elephant (specifically, the Littles Kit). Would you all be interest in some kind of review of these products, either on the blog or on a *gasp* YouTube video? ps – a few of you asked me about the beauty organizer I posted in my instagram story the other day. Here is a link to the organizer
learning. how to use my new camera. oh yeah – I bought a new camera! Similar to my approach to skin care, I looked up dozens of camera reviews and YouTube videos. (I also asked Jaime a ton of questions – thanks, Jaime!) Anyway, I bought it and I love it and I'm thrilled that I have a nicer camera to tote around that doesn't weigh a ton. 
smelling. the herbs that we have on our balcony: basil, rosemary, cilantro (don't @ me), and thyme.
writing. … not a lot, honestly. Well, not a lot for this ol' blog (although I've got a list of about 30 posts in the queue). I've been doing a ton of writing for work and school. 
reading. desperately trying to finish up the Dark Towers series before the movie comes out. So far I'm only on this book.
watching. American Gods, Insecure, and Casual. They are completely different shows but I love them all.
craving. fresh Caprese salad. Luckily they are easy to make since we have the basil and tomatoes growing on our balcony. 
obsessing. over instagram. Again. And if you're trying to take your instagram game to the next level, I highly recommend enrolling in Helene's Instagram for Success course! I learned SO much from this course – from planning, editing, and curating my feed. If you're interested in the course, feel free to send me a message or comment, or just take the plunge and enroll! 
needing. to organize my email. It's a little out of control at the moment. 
wanting. … a new camera bag / purse. Any recommendations?
trying. to do it all. Work. School. Social life. Personal time. Exercise. Blogging. I feel like I've got a thousand things going on at the moment. But when do I not?
eating. tasty meals from Blue Apron. I know that it's kind of expensive but I really like it!
drinking. wine. basically all of the wine
feeling. really, really excited about my new skin care products. 

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  • There’s a lot of goodness going on in your life at the moment. (And you’ve now made me crave caprese salad!) x

  • I would love to hear more about your skincare routine! I’m really into beauty blogs and videos at the moment. I also completely feel you for the wine weekend!

  • That camera is lovely. Im looking for a new camera and the specs on that look great!