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July Wedding Checklist

Engagement Cake

Engagement Cake

The amazing “wedding fruit cake” that two of our friends made for our engagement party.
The last time I wrote about wedding planning was on March 20th, 2013 … as in more than a year ago (which shows how long we've been engaged). We ended up taking our wedding planning slowly for two reasons. First, we decided that we wouldn't get married in CA until all of our friends and family were legally allowed to marry as well. That meant that we didn't even seriously start thinking about wedding planning until the Supreme Court (Hollingsworth v. Perry) ruled that Prop 8 in CA was unconstitutional. This ruling came 2 days before we left the US for our #MochiAroundTheWorld tour. Wedding planning continued to be on our back burner while in South Africa since it is a little difficult to plan a wedding from the other side of the world (unless you're doing some sort of all inclusive destination wedding, I suppose). So we waited until we returned to the States to do any seriously planning. But now we're in full planning mode and having a lot of fun with the whole process (because isn't it meant to be a big fun party anyway?).

Once we started the planning process, I was determined to be as organized as possible (a little organization saves a whole lot of stress). I went through a bunch of wedding websites, consolidated their wedding task timelines and created my own. I thought that it might be fun to post monthly wedding planning tasks / goals and hear your feedback, suggestions, and recommendations. So, here we go:

Completed Wedding Tasks

Rehearsal Dinner, Ceremony, Reception, Brunch Site: Check! And we're in love with it.
Date. 353 Days until we're married!

July Wedding Checklist


Pick Wedding Colors. We have an idea of a color theme but we're going to solidify the colors this month.
Start Wedding Website. This task is not my responsibility and I'm slightly scared of what it is going to look like. Kidding (kind of …)
Start Making A Playlist. It would be an understatement to say that Matt and I love music. So we're going to spend a year creating a few different playlists. This might be my favorite wedding task.
Start Our Registry. I'm actually kind of nervous to start our registry because I don't know where to start. I feel like we need some sort of plan before we start running around stores with those cool little registry guns.


Finalize Guest List. I'm a little nervous about this, actually. We're shooting for 150 but are already closer to 175-200. Gah.
Research Save the Dates. We've already picked out a few that we like, but we still haven't decided if we want to include engagement photos (hello, budget!)


Research DJs, Caterers, and Photographers. We're getting married in a small town that is apparently also a top destination wedding location (boo!) and I'm a little worried that we'll have trouble finding and booking vendors within our budget. So we're starting to research (and hopefully book) these vendors 10-11 months before the wedding.
Research and Book Wedding Planner / Coordinator. Since we're both full-time students, part-time employees, we don't have time to take on a wedding by ourselves. So we're going to find someone who can help us with some of the details a couple of months before and the day of the wedding.

Anything not on this list that you would recommend addressing 11 months before a wedding?

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Nicole is a treasure hunter and pup mama located in Seattle, Washington. Loves travel, politics, lifestyle, TV, & wine. She's an unapologetic SJW & feminist AF.

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  • Wow. You’ve got a lot here. But I’m sure you’ll rock it!

  • nomnomkittycat

    I’ve heard a lot of people say (from bride perspective and guest perspective) that they really liked registering through Amazon. It made it super easy for all involved (including gift wrapping too). Just an idea if you’re looking for one :)

    P.S. SO glad you liked that cake!! Had such a blast making it! :)

  • Stephanie

    We registered on Amazon and Sur La Table and the Amazon option seemed to be the most popular with our guests (and the easiest for us). Amazon will give you suggestions for registry items and a little checklist for each “room” of your home so you can go through and add the things you want and don’t want. Plus, you have the option of adding literally anything Amazon carries, too, so we added fun things like camping equipment since we’ve lived together for a few years and have a lot of household items already set. You can also add things from other websites to your Amazon registry so it’s all consolidated in one place (I added lots of decorations and home goods from Anthro to our list and people could access them via Amazon). We also requested no gift wrapping (for environmental reasons) since the gifts were already coming “wrapped” in packing supplies. :)

  • you are the kind of person that won’t make me mad when you have kids because you won’t hammer it into my head. i love that y’all waited until it was legalized. y’all are the coolest. we took our time (two years) to get married for reasons and it was well worth it. now you might have already done this but my biggest advice is to wait to ask bridesmaids/groomsmen!

  • Sara Lumley

    Stopping by from the linkup! The registry was one of my favorite “tasks”!! We registered at Macy’s and Kohl’s. Both were exceptional! We found a list on Pinterest and crossed off things we knew we would never need/didn’t want/already had. I will share advice I was given that was actually really great— Even if you have a certain item like a nice sheet set [or whatever], add one on your list just in case. This is a time to have nice things given to you, so if you don’t get them that’s okay. Happy planning!! Enjoy it!!

  • Beth

    “First, we decided that we wouldn’t get married in CA until all of our friends and family were legally allowed to marry as well.” I can’t quite figure out the words to verbalize how I feel about this, but this is so, so cool.

    Hooray for wedding planning! Once you get the guest list out of the way, the rest is way less stressful :)

  • I LOVE this post Nicole!! We are in the process of planning our own wedding so I loved reading this! Thanks for the reminder on a few of your points and I totally agree with booking vendors/suppliers early when having the wedding in a small town (as Ty and I are doing too). Like you, I’m determined to be as organised as possible so the planning remains fun and not stressful! I’m kind of at the point now where I have soooo many ideas, it’s going to be difficult to make a decision, so I’m staying away from pinterest for a little while – last thing I need is more ideas haha. Can’t wait for Aug update!

    • So excited for you and Ty! I agree – Pinterest is so overwhelming. I’m trying to only use it for things that I find else where

  • That cake is too cute!! While we did not have an actual wedding, we did do a registry and registered on Amazon and Etsy. I was shamed into creating one b/c of my insistence on others married prior to me to do registries :)

  • Wow, sounds like you’re already super organized! And that cake your friends made is AWESOME!

  • Many wedding photographers offer engagement photos as part of the package, so that may be something to consider when shopping around! I’m so excited to hear how everything progresses!

  • We registered at Crate and Barrel. They were so great to work with – all of the gifts arrived so quickly and if there were any problems they took care of them right away. I’d really suggest them! Have fun planning :)

  • Wow that’s a lot to do in one month! i would be overwhelmed.

  • Photographers go quickly! I would book yours as soon as possible. And our photographer included a complimentary engagement shoot with all her wedding packages, so that might be an option! :) Also we didn’t register until a month before my shower – some things have high stock turnover (like bedding), so make sure to ask the store staff for advice when registering early. But it sounds like you are on top of it! Good luck!!

    • Oh – and I love that you held out for marriage equality! You’re my hero!

  • Mary Krulia

    You are so organized! Good luck with everything!

    By the way, I think your reasoning for having a long engagement is so awesome! :)

  • SimplyEvani

    My biggest guestlist tip, shoot low. In a year, you will see people who weren’t on the guest list who will need to be added. We started at 130 and ended up with 200 people invited (165 roughly showed) but when people start “helping” you end up giving them a few invites or when big life events happen (other weddings, funerals,etc) you see family you haven’t seen in awhile.

  • Locking down the photographer is on the short list…and also trimming down that guest list!