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Coconut Oil Hair Mask

Deep Conditioning Coconut Oil Hair Mask #CoconutOil

Deep Conditioning Coconut Oil Hair Mask #CoconutOil

Those of you with dry hair know that one of the best ways that you can treat yo' self is by deep conditioning those locks. You probably also know that deep conditioners can be expensive and time-consuming. While the amount of time needed to deep condition your hair is pretty unavoidable, using coconut oil (or butter) is a cheaper way to accomplish similar results. Plus, I've been trying to transition to all cruelty-free products and take a stand for animal rights and this hair mask fits the bill.

Deep Conditioning Coconut Oil Hair Mask

Two weeks ago I decided to try to share some of my adventures with coconut oil. I've been using this coconut oil hair mask once a week for the last 5 weeks and have noticed that my hair is much softer and slightly less frizzy (!!). Since I let it sit for two hours, I usually apply the coconut oil hair mask in mornings when I am working from home.

What You Need

  1. 2 overflowing tablespoons of coconut oil (for thick, curly hair. You might need less if you have thinner or less hair)
  2. A small microwave-safe bowl
  3. 2 hair ties
  4. Small towel
  5. Clothes that you don't mind getting stained in case the oil drips past the towel (I learned this the hard way)

Deep Conditioning Coconut Oil Hair Mask #CoconutOilDeep Conditioning Coconut Oil Hair Mask #CoconutOil

How To Do It

  1. Start with dirty, dry, and brushed hair. Now, if you have curly hair, telling you to brush your hair is just about the biggest foul ever. I know. But it is the easiest way to distribute the coconut oil throughout your hair.
  2. Heat up the coconut oil in the microwave for about 10 – 15 seconds or until it is entirely liquid.
  3. Drape the towel around your shoulders (to protect your clothes from oil stains) and hold in place with a hair tie.
  4. Distribute coconut oil throughout your hair. I divide my hair into four sections, twist each section, dip it into the bowl, and work through my hair.
  5. Pour the remaining bit of the oil onto the top of my head to get my roots and scalp. Note, I have very dry hair that is especially dry around the roots. Skip if you have oily hair
  6. Use the other hair tie to wrap your hair up in a top bun and let sit for 2 hours.

Deep Conditioning Coconut Oil Hair Mask #CoconutOil

hello, frizzy, oily hair!

Wash out using a shampoo that is free of parabens and sulfates and is pH balanced (I use hbl's hydrating shampoo).So far, I love using this deep conditioning treatment. Plus, it is way cheaper than other treatments (hooray for not breaking my budget)! I've also seen other variations of this mask that include adding a bit of olive oil, avocado, or egg.

Do you use a coconut oil hair mask or another DIY deep conditioning hair mask? Leave your suggestions and recipes in the comments!

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  • Good for you for trying to use animal and cruelty free products. I have dry hair and scalp so this might work well for me.

  • Thanks for hosting! I love the name of this link-up, hahah :)

  • From a curly girl to curly girl, I’ll take all and any hair tips I can get haha. Will most definitely give this a try and let you know how it turns out Nicole. Is this the same Trader Joe’s coconut oil that you talked about earlier on the blog?

    • I love curly hair but man, taking care of it is so difficult!
      And yes, this is the same coconut oil that I talked about a couple of weeks ago. The jar last forever!

  • Yay I love getting ideas for new beauty DIY – a girl’s gotta save where she can! Id love to give this deep conditioning routine a try. I have fine hair but LOTS of it and I think I’d do the roots too :) I’ve used good old olive oil once or twice in the past as a deep conditioning treatment but I don’t do anything regularly (except wash, dry, repeat). Thanks for the tip about wearing clothes you don’t mind getting oil on – nothing wrecks a clothing item more than oil!!

  • we buy the giant tub of coconut oil from Costco… might have to treat myself to a little hair conditioning this afternoon :)

    • I seriously need to buy in bulk from Costco. I have been using Coconut Oil for everything lately. Seriously, everything: hair masks, oil pulling, moisturizer, etc.

  • I have never tried a hair mask before, the way my hair has dried out this winter though I will need to try this coconut oil hair mask!

  • I’ve been wanting to try this FOR EV ER, but I never seem to make the time for it!

  • I have tried doing this before, but never thought to actually heat the coconut oil (I just warmed it in my hands). It sounds like it would be so much better heated! I am trying this tonight!

    • I’ve seen a lot of people just warm it in their hands, but I like to drip my hair into the bowl to make sure it is fully covered in the oil. let me know if you like heating it up better!

  • I use this on my ends sometimes, but if I use it anywhere else, it’s too greasy. but my hair might suck so thats why :)

  • Coconut oil is my favorite hair mask! I added honey to it once, too… AHHHmazing!

    • ooh that sounds nice. I always worry that honey will be too sticky for my hair. Do you recommend it?

      • Oh yeah! I was nervous as first that it would be hard to wash out, but, it rinsed really easily!

  • katie mader

    I just wrote a post yesterday about this! :) Great minds think alike!

  • I loooooove coconut oil! Although I’ve never actually used it for my hair… I use it for oil pulling :) For my hair, I love rubbing in some argan oil for sleekness, softness and shine. I have long hair with dry ends so hair oils do wonders for me!

    • ooh, I’ve heard great things about argan oil! I’ll have to try it. Do you rub it on and let it sit or do you have to wash it out?

      • If I’m using pure argan oil, I’ll rub a few drops of the stuff between my hands and then brush it through my hair (concentrating on the lower half, and especially around the ends). Since pure argan oil is pricey, I usually revert to this argan oil blend (I think there’s also macadamia oil, and some other kind I can’t remember. It’s from the brand Not Your Mother’s) and I’ll use a quarter sized amount in the same way. My hair is long and thick so a dime sized amount isn’t enough! I use it like a leave-in treatment or hair serum and it works a charm.

  • Have you heard of this no-poo trend I’ve been reading about lately? Would you ever try it? (Also, funny story: Last night I visited your blog a few times before I went to bed, planning to link up my travel game, and for some reason I kept thinking April 17 was last week and the new post wasn’t up yet. :/ Whomp whomp.)

  • I really do need to do something with my coconut oil! it’s been sitting in the cupboard for months.