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Why Joining My Sorority Was The Best Decision I Made In College

Why Joining My Sorority Was The Best Decision I Made in College. And no, we didn't pay for our friends.

Yes, I was in a sorority during college, and no we didn't pay for our friends.
Good. Now that we have that out of the way we can move on.

When I think about my time in college my best experiences came from one of the three following things:
1. Studying abroad in Australia (hello travel bug!)
2. Being an Orientation Assistant for 3 years
3. Joining Greek Life; specifically my sorority, Alpha Gamma Delta

welcome to agd

Even years after college graduation I'm still raving about how joining my sorority was the best decision I made in college. Greek Life comes with a bad reputation for some people. And it drives me crazy. Being in sorority doesn't mean hazing, conformity, and being a bitch. It means being part of an incredible network of women who value the same ideals. It means being part of a community for life. Here are my favorite aspects of being a sorority girl: 

7. Leadership Experience. It may not seem like serving on a sorority leadership board is a big deal but it truly does help develop leadership skills. Through my positions as Vice President Member Development and the President of the Order of Omega (Greek Leadership honor sorority) I learned a thing or do about what it means to be a good leader. I bet all of the US Presidents (okay, except 3) also learned a lot in Greek Life. And 85% of Fortune 500 key executives.
6. Philanthropy & Community Service. I'd love to say that I go volunteer with a charity twice a week but I don't. Sometimes I forget the importance of giving back to my community and to others. I'm so grateful that my sorority gave me the opportunity to work with incredible organizations like JDRF to support children with juvenile diabetes.
5. Time Management. Like whoa. Try balancing executive council, chapter meetings, social events, philanthropy and community service commitments, Greek Weeks, formals, exchanges, recruitment, having a little sis, participating in other sorority and fraternity events, taking classes (or being a double major), playing a sport, and finding ‘me time'. Tired just thinking about it?
4.Crafternoons.  Nothing says fun like crafting for your little on a Sunday afternoon before chapter meeting, am I right?
3. Academic Support & Encouragement. You would think that Greeks would have a difficult time actually studying with all of their chapter commitments, right? Not so. At my university, and so many others, Greeks have a higher GPA than non-Greeks. My sorority had required study hours every week for new members and anyone with a GPA below a 3.14.
2. Social Life. I'm sure that you know all about this
1. Sisterhood & Lasting Friendships. I wrote about the importance of sisterhood before but I'm going to go ahead and just repeat myself. 
When I think about being in a Greek life, I truly think about sisterhood. When I joined the Greek system as a little freshman, I didn't realize the kinds of connections and relationships it would open up for me. From my pledge class besties (like Lauren) and other ladies in my chapter (Robin and Grace), to the amazing Greek bloggers (like Evani, Megan, Niki, & Nancy to name a few), to new friends that I meet at alumni sorority events (like LaTache), Greek Life has introduced me to some of the most amazing people. Almost all of my close friends in college, both women and men, were in Greek life. And every time I meet somebody new and find out they were in Greek life, I feel an instant connection with them, regardless if were in another house. But obviously, the ladies who belong to Alpha Gamma Delta hold a very special place in my heart. Especially the ones from my chapter. And over the last few years I've been so lucky to share so many wonderful experiences with these ladies.

Like the first sister in my pledge class to get married…
…Trips to Vegas…
agd vegas
… and celebrating Holi!

I recently went to Alpha Gamma Delta's International Reunion Day, the day when all Alpha Gams, young and old, active, and alum, get together for brunch and celebrate sisterhood. Yes, sisterhood. Not the number of parties we went to, or the fraternities that we teamed up with for Greek Week. We celebrate our shared values and experiences, and the organization that brought us together. We celebrate our shared purpose:

To gain understanding that wisdom may be vouchsafed to me.
To develop and prize health, and vigor of body.
To cultivate acquaintance with many whom I meet.
To cherish friendships with but a chosen few, and to study the perfecting of those friendships.
To welcome the opportunity of contributing to the world's work in the community where I am placed because of the joy of service thereby bestowed and the talent of leadership multiple.
To honor my home, my country, my religious faith.
To hold truth inviolable, sincerity essential, kindness invaluable.
To covet beauty in environment, manner, word, and thought.
To possess high ideals and to attain somewhat unto them.
This shall be my purpose that those who know me may esteem Alpha Gamma Delta for her attainments, revere her for her purposes and love her for her Womanhood.

alpha gamma delta

Every time I hear women speaking the purpose, I get goosebumps. And every time I see women LIVING our purpose, I feel an incredible amount of pride to be part of such an wonderful organization. I'm so lucky to know that anywhere I move in the US / Canada, there are organized events and an instant network for me to belong join. I wouldn't be surprised if I ran into some ladies in South Africa. I can't wait for future IRDs when my pledge class and I look like this: alpha gamma delta

So that is what being in a sorority is all about my friends. Sisterhood. And Sorority squats when cameras come out. And singing throwing what you know. And buying everything with a squirrel on it. And wishing that you could still have a candle pass. And this entire list.

If you're a Greek blogger, you should check out Being Greek. It lists bloggers from all the NPC houses (and some NPHC as well, I think?) so that you can connect with sisters. Also, for any Alpha Gam bloggers, make sure to join the Alpha Gamma Delta Blog Network.

Are you in Greek Life? What are you thoughts on the system? love to other Greek sisters!
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Why Joining My Sorority Was The Best Decision I Made in College. And no, we didn't pay for our friends.

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  • As a sorority girl myself, I appreciate this post! I think there are a lot of misconceptions about greek life! I got to meet some really awesome people are a result of it and I’m in the wedding of one of my pledge sisters this fall. I learned so much about interacting with different personalities as well as leadership in a sorority. I’d recommend it to any college student — and I’d also recommend they rush as many organizations as possible to find the right fit! :)

    • I didn’t know you were a sorority girl as well! Which house do you belong to? And yes, there SO many misconceptions! I wish that people weren’t so quick to judge!

      • It was a small local sorority! :) My school only had locals. And yes, people judge so much without knowing anything, which is funny — because a lot of times, they are calling greek organizations superficial, but last I heard, judging someone/something before you know the facts was considered to be pretty superficial… Hmmm…

  • I loved reading this post! There being so many misconceptions about sorority life in the media is one of the reasons we decided to host this! Yes sorority girls can make some bad life decisions….as do MOST other college students. But what you get out of it is life changing! A little while after the media fall-out from the infamous “sorority girl email rant” I blogged about what Greek life meant to me ( and it’s wonderful today to be reading so many similar stories of sisterhood! xxx

    • oh my gosh, that email! So wonderfully horrible. haha. You’re so right – people in greek life might make bad decisions but so do other college students. stop the judging, people! thanks for hosting the link up!

  • Laura

    Inspiring post, loved reading it. Interesting. I am your newest follower, I love this blog!

  • I so agree with this post! First and foremost, each sisterhood was developed to serve a purpose, and the sisters are an extension of that purpose! I love my sisters (I’m an active Phi Sigma Sigma) and our sorority. I identify with it’s ideals so much, and that’s how I knew it was for me. I didn’t have to “become” a phi sig meaning changing my views and values, I feel like I found where I already was.

    I hate when people think that greek life is all about parties and social actives. We do so much more, and we are so much more. I am happy to be a member of a sisterhood of strong, intelligent, and caring women living on purpose for a purpose!!

    Thanks for sharing your Greek story, Panhel Love <3

    • I love that you say that you didn’t have to ‘become’ a Phi Sig, but rather you joined and organization that matched your ideals and values. I feel the same way about my sorority. From the moment I walked in the room I knew I was home. And I still take such pride in saying (and living up to) our purpose!

  • I loved reading this! I didn’t join a sorority in college, but I had several friends who did, and I loved it. Personally, I see it no different than joining a sport or club and becoming friends with those girls. I don’t get why there are so many misconceptions just because of the way the media portrays sororities or a FEW girls act!

  • Janna

    I agree! Sororities give you such great life experiences!

  • La Tache Weir

    I loved this and everything you listed is so true! What an amazing bond we all have with each other – best friends, acquantances and going to events where you know no one but feel welcomed and loved the moment you walk through the door. AGD really is an amazing organization!

  • Jenna

    I love this post! My university didn’t have sororities, but if it did – I’d definitely have joined one. I think they add such a close knit community to college life and are also great for networking, volunteering and developing :)


    • it really did help me to create a close knit community within my college. And 4 years later. You’re absolutely right about the networking piece. Whenever I meet other Alpha Gams they are so willing (and wanting) to help me advance my career in any way possible. One of the big advantages to joining the organization!

  • I have always wanted to join a sorority but my university doesn’t have..

    • If you’re interested in joining a sorority AFTER college you can! Some sororities allow women to join alumnae groups in the area. You might want to look into it!

  • totally agree about the leadership experience, it really is helpful!

    • so helpful, right? I got over my fear of managing people and projects after serving as VP!

  • I did “sorority” in high school and it was so much fun. I didn’t do it in college because of cheerleading and work, but I had I missed out. Your sorority had me “study abroad” haha.

    Saying hi from the link up! xo

  • Brittany

    I’m an alpha gam too! Love your blog!

  • SimplyEvani

    Love it! Going greek was a great part of college and I’m so glad I did.

  • Manisha P. Patel

    hello fellow Alpha Gam! I’m over at Hokie, Esq. ( and I’m an alumna from Theta Chi! Love your post! LIEP!

    • love meeting fellow alumnae! I wasn’t sure if there would be a lot of Alpha Gams participating in the link up but there was a ton of us! off to go look at your blog! liep

  • Jenn @ West Sac Honey

    Fellow Alpha Gam loved this link up I was at SFSU in San Francisco!

    • yes, another CA alpha gam! What year did you graduate? I met some of the SFSU Alpha Gams at TLC way back in 2007. And I think that some of actives came down to LA one year to help us with recruitment one year… sometime between 2006-2008 maybe. Did I just completely age myself?!

  • Courtney Fraley

    Sending some Alpha Gam love your way! Love “meeting” other alpha gams. I am a member in Alpha Iota. Your post is spot on! Greek life adds a lot of value to a college experience.

    Passionately Curious

    • hey sister! so happy to meet another Alpha Gam! Are you an active member? If so, I’m so jealous. Looking forward to stalking your page :)

      • Courtney Fraley

        Yes! I am an active member of the Alpha Iota chapter at Baldwin Wallace University. (:

    • Kristin

      Courtney- I stumbled upon this blog today and loved it! Then I read down to the comments and see yours about being a member of Alpha Iota! ME TOO!!! I love seeing the pics of Vivian (my roommate actually used Vivian for a wig our senior year and that’s how she joined AGD!) Such a small world… even on the internet!


  • Alexandra

    This post is spot on. I loved how you put sisterhood at number one! Your purpose reminds me of my sorority’s symphony (Alpha Chi Omega). Whenever I need to be centered, I reread our symphony.

    • yes yes to sisterhood! I love that you read your sorority’s symphony to center yourself. When I first joined Alpha Gam I had no idea how much our purpose would impact me, especially after I graduated. I’m off to go look up your symphony now!

  • absolutely, Alyssa! It is so unfortunate when a few girls receive negative publicity that casts a shadow on the thousands of women in sororities.

  • Megan C. Stroup

    Awesome! I had no idea there was another Greek link-up happening. I found your blog through one of those, so I’ll have to check it out and find some other great Greek bloggers to follow. :)

    Also, a senior Greek woman told me something awesome once: “If I did pay for my friends, it’s the best money I’ve ever spent.” So ha! ;)

  • Love this! As a fellow Alpha Gam, I echo all of your sweet sentiments!


  • Chelsea

    I’m an Alpha Gam as well and loved reading your post! Stop by and say hi :)

  • I am in Greek life (independent sororities) and I agree! One of the best decisions I could have made in college.

  • Kristin Thompson

    I didn’t realize you were an Alpha Gam!! So excited to find out! I saw the post on your side bar & had to click on it when I saw the letters! Sending some Alpha Gam love!

    Crumbs & Curls

  • CW

    Women love exclusive secret societies that only they can afford. Keep the bourgeois out! That’s why women love them so much. The whole higher gpa thing is a correlation/causation thing. Richer people have higher grades because they rarely have to work or worry about paying the bills. Rich moms and dads do that. Girls at my school pay $8000 a year (after taxes remember so actual cost 12k) to be in one. That is more than tuition. I personally wouldn’t want a daughter to join one either since it tends to turn women into elitists and frat guys have 3x the rape rate as non frat guys. No thanks!