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  • liz kaczmarek

    Okay, I just found your blog on Helene’s today, and I saw that you said you had been to New Zealand. I’m studying abroad there right now and I’m OBSESSED with it! Just wanted to stop in and say hi :)

    :) Liz

    • so happy that you found my blog! Where in New Zealand are you studying? I studied abroad in Australia and hopped over to NZ for spring break. Rough life, huh … :)

      • liz kaczmarek

        I was studying in Palmerston North, it’s this tiny city on the North Island, but I was able to travel to all the cool places on weekends and breaks :) I visited Australia on my break too!! Loved it sooo much!

  • Just found your blog! Can’t wait to explore all your adventures :)

  • Love the new look for this page!