Current Projects Update

Weekly update of current summer projects. As mentioned last week, if you have any advice it would be much appreciated!

Plant A Vegetable Garden: Step 1: buy supplies, complete! As I wondered around the nursery / Home Depot I debated several things: 1) buying seeds or small plants, 2) plant in the ground vs buy planter boxes, and 3) what the heck can I plan during the summer in Southern California?! After long and careful consider (circling the store several times) we decided to start with planting seeds in boxes to start out. As you can see form the picture we grabbed some big vegetables like corn and squash, as well as some yummy herbs like basil and cilantro. Step 2: actually plant the seeds – next week’s project. Fingers crossed that I don’t kill these plants right off the bat!

Be More Active: This week’s challenge – Zumba! Goodness. I had done it once before, I certainly was not prepared for this intense workout. The workout completely kicked my ass. But going to the workout reminded me how much happier I am when I am active … compared to just sitting in front of the computer screen all day. Any ideas on any other fun ways to get moving?

Other projects on the back burner: Simplify My Life •  Photography • Master Vegetarian Recipes

Do any of you have any projects / goals that you’re working on this summer?

Side note: happy week!


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