How To Organize A Wine Collection & Treat Yo’ Self {Link-up #11}

I admit it: I love really good wine. Sure, I’m also a sucker for cheap bottles, but I love to treat myself to a really good (not necessarily expensive) bottle of wine.

How To Organize A Wine Collection

We all collect things, right? Well, my name is Nicole and I love wine. It shouldn’t be too much of a surprise that I “collect” wine since I grew up in Sonoma. I use the word “collect” loosely. It really comes down to the fact that I have a few wineries that I really like and tend to hoard wine from them (aka joined wine clubs like I showed yesterday). One of the nice things about being in a wine club is that every now and then they throw in a really nice bottle of wine. The kind of wine that you keep around for another 5-7 years waiting for it to peak. Okay, I realize that this sounds a bit snooty but I really do love the idea of opening a bottle after letting it age for a while. So to avoid opening up one of those nice bottles, I try to keep my wine somewhat organize using these 3 guidelines

  1. I keep all my nice bottles on the bottom row of my wine rack. That way I won’t accidentally open one up.
  2. I put a green sticker on all of the bottles that can opened at any time (aka the 2 Buck Chuck’s of the collection
  3. I keep all my wine in a little spreadsheet. I know: super lame. BUT my spreadsheet is the only thing that makes sure that I don’t open up one of those nice bottles before it peaks. If you’re interested, I created a copy of my wine collection inventory sheet for download (excel file). I keep track of the basics: winery, vintage (year), type of wine, and when I should drink it. You could totally add other categories to a spreadsheet:
    • Sweet or Dry
    • Body (light / medium / full)
    • Food pairings
    • Texture (tannins)
    • Intensity of flavor
    • If you’d give up a foot for another bottle

    All (especially the last) are totally legitimate things to consider.

    Welcome to Treat Yo’ Self Thursday!

    Treat Yo Self Thursday Link-Up


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    How do you take your outfit photos?

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    Treat Yo’ Self!

Who Loves Wine? And A Different Type of Giveaway

I was sent these products to review for free and no other compensation. All opinions are my own!


If you’ve read this blog for more than a week or so then you know that I’m originally from Sonoma and therefore love love wine. So you can bet that I was beyond excited when the Product Farm contacted me about reviewing some of their adult-beverage drinking aids. And since I love both wine and beer I wanted to review all three of their products.

Brew2GoI’m assuming that you’ve already seen these awesome cups by now but if not, welcome to the good life! Product Farm sent me the Brew2Go, Vino2Go, and the Vino2Go XL (for the major wine love…. like me) to review:

What I loved:

♥ Goodbye to spills: I knock over everything all of the time, including my wine and beer glasses. Luckily all of the 2Go products have a nice little top that eliminates my fear of spilling wine on my computer or iPad.’
♥ No broken glass: I have broken a ridiculous number of wine glasses from either 1) knocking it over, or 2) cleaning too aggressively (just me?). I have yet to break one of these products and I doubt that I will any time soon.
♥ Perfect for the beach: Alcohol in glass bottles (or cans, I think) isn’t really allowed on the beaches out in CA. I usually pour a can of beer into a plastic cup but always ended up kicking sand into my drink (yum, crunchy beer & wine!). All of these products are the perfect beach companion on a warm day!
♥ Man-approved: Matt asked if I had an extra Brew2Go several times when I was using mine. Sorry, man, get your own!

But since I loved these products so much you can get your own! The Product Farm and I will be giving away one of each of these items meaning that there will be 3 winners! Excited? Good.
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I’m Absolutely Terrified Of…

…just about everything. Yup, I’m a big scaredy pants. I realize that this was day 7′s prompt but I play by my own rules and wanted to do it today.

1. Playing by my own rules. I’m that girl. You know, the one who follows all the rules no matter how ridiculous they are. I’ve always been scared of breaking rules / getting in trouble since I was a wee one. Stupid? Maybe. But my method seems to have worked so far. 
2. Falling and chipping a tooth
. I experience this fear every time I walk up or down a flight of stairs
3. Bugs. Big, small, fast, or slow, they all terrifying.
4. Things that eat bugs. Like snakes and lizards. Sick nasty.
5. Fox News. WHY IS EVERYONE ALWAYS YELLING?! Conservative and liberal pundits alike are always yelling. And it is terrifying. Except my main man, Shepard Smith. Please see below. Seriously. He hits all the tough issues like his thoughts on V/True Blood and Mitt Romney’s mom jeans:

6. Being alone at night / in the dark. Yes, I’m a 4 year old child. But it terrifies me like whoa
7. That I’ll be stuck working 50/60 + hours a week for the rest of my life. No thanks. That needs to go once I get my PhD
8. That I’ll never finish my PhD program. I mean I technically have 6 more years to complete it but it I don’t finish in the next 2 I’m throwing in the towel


9. Being an accidental racist. Aren’t we all scared of this?
10. The fact that somebody thought that the song Accidental Racist was a good idea. Seriously, I can’t.
11. Running out of wine or developing an allergy to sushi. THE WORST POSSIBLE THING(S)