6 Reasons We Did A First Look

In general, we tried to avoid a lot of wedding traditions: no veil, no bouquet / garter toss (or garter, for that matter), no best man or maid of honor, no incorporation of religion. We also decided to do almost all of our photos before the wedding and decided to… View Post

Secret Single Behaviors

I’ve been neglecting this blog and social media lately because I spent the last 9 or 10 days being sick. Like pray-to-a-god-I-don’t-believe-in kind of sick. I spent the earlier part of last week being convinced that I had contracted malaria from my recent trip to Cameroon (I don’t) while hoping… View Post

Engagement Party!

Saturday Matt and I had our engagement party! We decided to have a low-key, afternoon hangout in our backyard since 1) we have a ton of space, and 2) the weather was amazing! We were lucky to have about 45 of our wonderful friends and family join us for delicious… View Post

Step 1: Get Engaged. Step 2: ?

Normally I like to do beauty related posts on Wednesdays but I’ve decided to switch off between beauty & wedding related posts each week. Because I’ve found that after getting engaged all I want to think about is planning a wedding. That is normal, right? I hope? of course it… View Post

The Truth About Vegas

What an interesting city, yeah? Somehow I both love and hate Las Vegas, and I have a feeling that I’m not the only one. When combined, the bright lights, loud music, semi delicious food, going out clothes, and excessive alcohol (don’t pretend like you don’t drink in Vegas) create the… View Post

Makes Me Smile

Here are six things that are making me smile this Monday: Smile #1: We recently had a friend stay with us a few nights while she was in the process of moving. As a way of saying thanks, she left us this cute salt and pepper shaker set. Smile #2: When… View Post