Around Bali

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Rice Fields

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Local Fishing Boats

around bali, Mount Agung, Gunung Agung

Gunung Agung (Mount Agung, active volcano)

Around bali

Celebrating Hinduism

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Bondalem Morning Market

around bali, bondalem market

Bali was the unplanned vacation that turned into something wonderful.

We had originally planned on staying in Singapore for a week before traveling out to South Africa. Matt had been there a couple of times before (his father & step-mother lived there for a few years) and had mentioned several times that he thought I would love the country. What’s not to love with a benevolent dictatorship, right? About 4 days before we were scheduled to fly to Singapore the country experienced some of the worst haze and air quality, due to fire forest in Indonesia, in recent history. And even though we both wanted to stay we also knew that it may not have been the safety place to be (in terms of air. Singapore is one of the safest countries in the world).

Since our flights to Singapore were already booked (but thankfully not our accommodations, since we’re procrastinators like that) we began searching for other near close-by countries that we could fly to instead. We originally thought Thailand would be nice but it was a little out of our price range. So we ‘settled’ for a vacation in Bali, Indonesia. Poor us, right? And don’t worry – we were very far from the forest fires. 

After 24+ hours in the air (and another 12 in airports) we arrived in beautiful Bali. We decided to stay in a villa on the north side of the country, a 3 hour drive from the airport.

The drive was so wonderful.

It was wonderful for a number of reasons:

Grand Canyon – South Kaibab Trail

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My favorite part of the trip was our hike on the South Kaibab Trail. The word Kaibab is a Paiute Indian word that means “mountain lying down”, or upside-down mountain. And as we climbed deeper into the canyon it was clear to see that the trail is appropriately named. While looking out over the ridge of the canyon was beautiful, it was absolutely incredible to actually walk down into the canyon.

Grand CanyonGrand CanyonGrand Canyon - South Kaibab Trail


Grand Canyon

I’ve been trying to plan a spring break trip to the Grand Canyon for the last 3 years. But each time other (and equally fabulous) trips happened. But this year we finally made it happen! And it was amazing!

Grand Canyon

Since we only had a few days to spend there, we decided to make our stay as easy as possible. So instead of camping in the canyon we rented a room in one of the canyon lodges (Thunderbird Lodge) on the South Rim. Our experience? The rooms were a bit overpriced but they had comfy beds and view of the Grand Canyon. Yes, that is right – a view of the canyon from the room. Like wake up, roll over in bed, BAM Grand Canyon! That alone was worth the more-expensive-than-I-would-have-liked price tag. Our lodge was also centrally located, making all of the trails a short walk or bus ride away.

Grand CanyonGrand CanyonGrand CanyonGrand Canyon
Grand Canyon - Bright Angel Trail


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