Past Adventures: Kyoto, Japan Deliciousness

During my time in Kyoto I had some of the most delicious food imaginable. Yummy soups and fried tempura, refreshing shaved ice topped with red beans, the best ramen I have ever had, and my first experience with conveyor belt sushi.
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Past Adventures: Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo has always been at the top of my ‘must visit’ list. Maybe it comes from my complete obsession with Sailor Moon or my undying love for sushi; regardless I had to get there.
In June of 2011, Matt’s step brother got married in Korea. Since we were going to be on the other side of the world anyway, we figured that a trip to another country was necessary. Although I had been dying to go to Japan, the earthquake had recently hit and we weren’t sure how safe it would be. So instead, we looked into China.

If you’re planning on going to China, plan ahead. Because, yeah, we did not and were not able to get visas in time. Oops. After some reconsideration, Japan was beginning to look like a reality.

The original plan was to stay in Tokyo for about 3 or 4 days but that got pushed down to 2 – we were in Kyoto first and decided to extend our time there by a few days. We basically spent all of our time in Tokyo eating, drinking and being stared at by the locals.

The highlight of the trip was going to the Tsukiji Fish Market. Unfortunately we were not able to see the actual auction (it had been closed to the public due to the earthquake) but the most amazing, fresh sashimi I had ever had certainly made up for that. We waited in line for more than 1 hour, ordered about 10 minutes before we were allowed to go inside and then were ushered into a small restaurant (fit about 10-12 people around a bar) where we crammed freshly caught deliciousness into our mouths as quickly as we could so the next people could get in. Truly a wonderfully unique experience.

Tokyo-treasure-trompTokyo-treasure-trompTokyo-treasure-trompTokyo-treasure-trompTokyo-treasure-tromp-Shibuya Crossing
Shibuya CrossingTokyo-treasure-tromp-Shibuya CrossingTokyo-treasure-tromp
Tsukiji Fish MarketTokyo-treasure-trompTokyo-treasure-trompTokyo-treasure-trompTokyo-treasure-tromp

From Me, With Love

Dear Self: Being sick is not an option. I’ve got big plans this weekend, like catching up on TV and finally making a dent in The Host. Clearly I can’t do that while sick, duh.

Dear Self: Congratulations on the bomb new evaluation project on which you’re the sole PI. Celebrate by opening up one of the good bottles of wine and a delicious sushi dinner … like the one below.

Dear Thesis Proposal: Wham Bam, GTFO. And by that I mean you’re officially submitted. Finalize with another bottle of great wine and/or more sushi – don’t go too crazy. Next step, finalizing the IRB application.

Dear Los Angeles: I will not miss this BS. Literally in park on I-10 at 11:17pm on a Wednesday.

Dear Chicago: I’m ready for you!

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