Grand Canyon – South Kaibab Trail

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My favorite part of the trip was our hike on the South Kaibab Trail. The word Kaibab is a Paiute Indian word that means “mountain lying down”, or upside-down mountain. And as we climbed deeper into the canyon it was clear to see that the trail is appropriately named. While looking out over the ridge of the canyon was beautiful, it was absolutely incredible to actually walk down into the canyon.

Grand CanyonGrand CanyonGrand Canyon - South Kaibab Trail

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Grand Canyon

I’ve been trying to plan a spring break trip to the Grand Canyon for the last 3 years. But each time other (and equally fabulous) trips happened. But this year we finally made it happen! And it was amazing!

Grand Canyon

Since we only had a few days to spend there, we decided to make our stay as easy as possible. So instead of camping in the canyon we rented a room in one of the canyon lodges (Thunderbird Lodge) on the South Rim. Our experience? The rooms were a bit overpriced but they had comfy beds and view of the Grand Canyon. Yes, that is right – a view of the canyon from the room. Like wake up, roll over in bed, BAM Grand Canyon! That alone was worth the more-expensive-than-I-would-have-liked price tag. Our lodge was also centrally located, making all of the trails a short walk or bus ride away.

Grand CanyonGrand CanyonGrand CanyonGrand Canyon
Grand Canyon - Bright Angel Trail

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Big Announcement Revealed!

I’ve been such a tease this last week, asking you to guess about my big announcement. I would apologize but it has been quite a bit of fun.

So let me drag it on just a bit more (only until the end of this post, I promise). So let’s take a look at what you think my big announcement is:


Well, it turns out that a LOT of you were correct…. but also incorrect. In fact, only 1 person correctly guessed my big announcement. 
Confused? Well it turns out that…

TWO of the choices in the poll are correct

Yes, two of them. And one of you correctly guessed the two big events (I’m guessing this is a person that I’ve actually told. cheater). But for right now, I’m only ready to announce one of my big life changes….

…Remember that camping trip I shared last week? mojave desert camping

Well, during that unforgettable trip, on an incredibly beautiful hike up a (mini) mountain,
we got engaged!


Everything about that day was in true Matt & Nicole style. And it was perfect. As you can imagine, things are pretty exciting and wonderful over here.

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