Saying Goodbye To The Family Dog

Last week I lost a friend. My mom had to make the tough decision to put down our family dog that was 17 years old. Her passing was not a surprise and it is a comfort to know that she is no longer in pain but that didn’t really make it any easier. I ended up spending most of last week moping around and closing myself off from the real world.

If you had a pet growing up then you know that they can truly be a friend. This is especially true as an only child: from ages 10 – 18, my sweet pup was there waiting for me every day when I got home from school. Like a friend, she was there to comfort me when I was sad and keep me company when I was happy. When I moved away for college, I was afraid that she would forget about me. Of course she didn’t forget me and she was almost as excited to see me as I was to see her.

Despite some of her slightly annoying characteristics (small yappy bark, her inability to get along with other female dogs) she was the sweetest little pup / friend / family member that anyone could ask for.

Do you consider your pet a friend or part of the family?