Makes Me Smile

Happy Monday! I’m returning home today from my trip to Alaska, which was unbelievable. Although I’m looking forward to being home, it is so hard to say goodbye to vacation. As I return home, this picture reminding me of my travels is making me smile this Monday. Seriously, love fair activities!

Friday’s Letters – Alaska Edition

Dear Grizzly Bear: So glad that I spotted you eating berries on the side of the road. Thanks for providing a solid 20 minutes of entertainment. Also, a big thanks for not attacking our car Dear Bald Eagles: You are everywhere! And way bigger than I was expecting. One small request –… View Post

Makes Me Smile

What is making me smile this Monday? Just my trip to a glacier yesterday. And the fact that I get to spend the next week in beautiful Alaska! Also, this silly outtake of Matthew and I is really making me smile right now.

Rogue River Rafting

Spending 5 days without internet or cell service while surrounded by a beautiful river was exactly what I needed to feel reenergized about life. To be honest, I am not the model rafter…. mostly because I’m slightly very afraid of open and/or fast moving water … like rivers. But hey, I jumped… View Post

River Treats

Wednesday through Sunday I spent my time in Oregon roughing it on the beautiful Rogue River. Okay, roughing it is not entirely accurate. We glamped. Yes, glamorous camping. While I’m not a hardcore camper and usually stick to car camping, glamping was a whole new experience – and wonderful. I’ll… View Post

Makes Me Smile

After spending a few days rafting the Rogue River, the main thing making me smile this Monday is the view I woke up to yesterday morning. Can you blame me?

Makes Me Smile

This Monday came too soon. Seriously. I spent this weekend with my manfriend’s father, sister and six year old nephew at the La Brea Tar Pits and Lego land (both of which are awesome places). The nerd in me LOVED visiting the tar pits – In all honesty I can’t… View Post