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Happy Monday! I’m returning home today from my trip to Alaska, which was unbelievable. Although I’m looking forward to being home, it is so hard to say goodbye to vacation. As I return home, this picture reminding me of my travels is making me smile this Monday. Seriously, love fair activities!


Dear Grizzly Bear: So glad that I spotted you eating berries on the side of the road. Thanks for providing a solid 20 minutes of entertainment. Also, a big thanks for not attacking our car
Dear Bald Eagles: You are everywhere! And way bigger than I was expecting. One small request – please stop turning your head 180 degrees to stare at me behind you. It is utterly terrifying.
Dear Glaciers: I wish that I had crampons so that I could give you a good climb.
Dear Glassblowing: Can’t wait to show off the cool paperweight I made! 
Dear Beer Made in Alaska: Thank you for introducing me to beautiful Spruce tip beer. I love you. Alaska Brewing Company, Skagway Brewing Company and Haines Brewing Company, I salute you. 
Dear Cold That Suddenly Showed Up Late Night: GTFO
Dear Alaskan Husky Puppies: Why were you so scared of me? All I want to do is give you sweet loving! 
Dear Southeast Alaska State Fair: You are adorably small and wonderful. I love you and want to put you in my pocket and take you home with me. After trying my hand at horseshoes last night I clearly will not be entering the contest today, but I look forward to watching the lumber jack contest instead.
Dear Instagram: Thanks for allowing a quick way for me to document my Alaskan travels! If you want to follow along, find me @treasuretromp or click here