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Happy Monday! I’m returning home today from my trip to Alaska, which was unbelievable. Although I’m looking forward to being home, it is so hard to say goodbye to vacation. As I return home, this picture reminding me of my travels is making me smile this Monday. Seriously, love fair activities!


Dear Grizzly Bear: So glad that I spotted you eating berries on the side of the road. Thanks for providing a solid 20 minutes of entertainment. Also, a big thanks for not attacking our car
Dear Bald Eagles: You are everywhere! And way bigger than I was expecting. One small request – please stop turning your head 180 degrees to stare at me behind you. It is utterly terrifying.
Dear Glaciers: I wish that I had crampons so that I could give you a good climb.
Dear Glassblowing: Can’t wait to show off the cool paperweight I made! 
Dear Beer Made in Alaska: Thank you for introducing me to beautiful Spruce tip beer. I love you. Alaska Brewing Company, Skagway Brewing Company and Haines Brewing Company, I salute you. 
Dear Cold That Suddenly Showed Up Late Night: GTFO
Dear Alaskan Husky Puppies: Why were you so scared of me? All I want to do is give you sweet loving! 
Dear Southeast Alaska State Fair: You are adorably small and wonderful. I love you and want to put you in my pocket and take you home with me. After trying my hand at horseshoes last night I clearly will not be entering the contest today, but I look forward to watching the lumber jack contest instead.
Dear Instagram: Thanks for allowing a quick way for me to document my Alaskan travels! If you want to follow along, find me @treasuretromp or click here 


What is making me smile this Monday? Just my trip to a glacier yesterday. And the fact that I get to spend the next week in beautiful Alaska!


Also, this silly outtake of Matthew and I is really making me smile right now.


Spending 5 days without internet or cell service while surrounded by a beautiful river was exactly what I needed to feel reenergized about life. To be honest, I am not the model rafter…. mostly because I’m slightly very afraid of open and/or fast moving water … like rivers. But hey, I jumped off a rock into the water (and nearly had a panic attack), and kayaked during very flat, calm water to face my fear. Check. And never again will that happen.


Wednesday through Sunday I spent my time in Oregon roughing it on the beautiful Rogue River. Okay, roughing it is not entirely accurate. We glamped. Yes, glamorous camping. While I’m not a hardcore camper and usually stick to car camping, glamping was a whole new experience – and wonderful. I’ll post a full recap later this week, but I thought that I’d share a sample of the tasty foodies we were fed during the trip.

Okay, this meal took place before we left for camping, while we were staying the night at a lodge the night before the rafting company picked us up. But still, it was beyond what I had expected.

1. butternut squash ravioli // 2. view of the river / lawn from our dinner table // 3. classic caesar salad // 4. fresh orange rolls // 5. salmon. sweet sweet salmon // 6. delicious dessert. And I don’t even like dessert.

And now, the food that we were served while camping on the river. On.The.River. I wish that I had taken more pictures, but if I had, they would have shown gourmet sandwiches, cheese and fruit plates, beautiful steaks (and grilled portobello mushrooms for us veggies), mango salsa tacos, delicious coffee and french toast, etc.

1. Caprese. They served us the most delicious caprese on our first night while I was hiding from a rattle snake. Is this real life? // 2. Night two – Grilled salmon on a rice bed // 3. Chocolate fondue and dipping fruits // 4. freshly made guacamole and salsa // 5. Tow words: River Mojitos // 6. This is what the kitchen looked like. // 7. morning omelets and hash browns // 8. birthday cake that they made in 2 dutch ovens while we ate dinner. Yes, the fruit is designed to form a rapid // 9. morning omelet bar 
It was ridiculous. And I’m okay with that. Every now and again it is nice to be pampered while camping, right?  



As I mentioned yesterday, I was able to spend the weekend with Matt’s family in Los Angeles and San Diego. Have you been to the Tar Pits or Lego land? Because you totally should.

Tar pits! // hundreds of Dire Wolves skulls // real excavation site // giant!

rolling rolling down the hill // I wish somebody would carry me around!

Lego land bathrooms // monkey! // dino! // creepy man // Star Wars scenes. Highlight of the trip

digging for dino fossils // sprinklers // race to the top // extreme ride too intense for me

my outfit for Lego land // my very very wet outfit after the water rides // Lego Golden Gate // Lego Vegas! // Lego NYC // HP & LotR … I wanted them all!



This Monday came too soon. Seriously. I spent this weekend with my manfriend’s father, sister and six year old nephew at the La Brea Tar Pits and Lego land (both of which are awesome places). The nerd in me LOVED visiting the tar pits – In all honesty I can’t think of a better way to spend an afternoon than watching scientists clean fossils and talking to volunteers about alternative theories of Ice Age creatures’ migration patterns. While I already knew how much I love kids, 1 day at Lego land with 1,000 screaming children made me realize that I think I’m just fine waiting on having kids. Like at least another 5 years.

I’ll do a proper update of the weekend later on in the week but for now, here are a few things that from the weekend that are making me smile this Monoday. What is making you smile this early Monday morning?

Matt & his nephew racing rolling down the hill.

Scientists in their natural habitat. Try no to tap on the glass.

Crooked glasses love.

One of my favorite places, the Opera House, made entirely with Legos … thousands of Legos.

Happy Monday!



Although this weekend was pretty darn hot (like, really hot), I decided to go for a little hike on Friday and then hike up to a little camping spot for Saturday and Sunday. Let me tell you – 3 days of hiking in the heat has taken a toll on me. Although it was only about 10 miles over the three days, hiking up hill with a huge backpack is not ideal. But it was absolutely beautiful and we had a wonderful time. Who doesn’t love spending a little time relaxing with friends away from the city?

Little hotdog cooking by camping stove

new little friend