6 More of the Best Podcasts You Need to Listen To

6 Best Podcasts You Need In Your Life

A few months ago (or like more than a year and a half ago), I shared six of my favorite podcasts. While I still listen to all of them, I’ve expanded my podcast library. Here are six more of my favorites.

6 More of the Best Podcasts You Need To Listen To

Bitch Sesh. This is hands down my favorite podcast at the moment. Bitch Sesh is a MUST for anyone who is a fan of the Real Housewives shows. The podcast hosts are Casey Wilson and Danielle Schneider, both of whom starred in the Housewives spoof on Hulu, the Hotwives (side note – watch it NOW). These two women are so insanely hilarious that I am constantly laughing out loud while listening. Plus they have a ton of guest hosts, including some of Casey’s Happy Endings costars. I highly recommend adding this podcast to your list.
Favorite episode: LIVE from Largo (with Greg Bennett – from RHONJ!-, Jessica St. Clair, and Melissa Rauch).

The Sporkful. It’s not for foodies, it’s for eaters. Food podcasts are usually hit or miss for me, but the Sporkful is 100%. I really like The Sporkful because it doesn’t feel pretentious, one thing that turns me off from food podcasts. Dan keeps it fun and informative.
Favorite episode: Beyond Pot Brownies. Yup.

Another Round. Basically happy hour with your two new best friends. The talk about some heavy issues such as gender and race but in a way that is both informative and fun.
Favorite episode: Practical Tactical Brilliance with Lin-Manuel Miranda.

Slate Political Gabfest. Okay, hear me out. I know that politics isn’t necessarily a super fun topic, but the Political Gabfest is a keeper. Yes, it leans left, but it’s gold. And really helps me keep me informed. The hosts include John Dickerson, the host of Face the Nation, one of the few moderators that fact-checked Donald Trump and Ted Cruz during a debate (in fact, some people would argue that he won the deabte).
Favorite episode: The “Brunch of Malarkey” Edition.

With Her. TWO political podcasts in one post? Yikes, I know. BUT Hillary Clinton has a podcast and it’s awesome. There have only been two episodes so far and I recommend listening to them both. The podcast tells the tale of Mrs. Cliton on the campaign trail
Favorite episode: Honey, I just got a call from Hillary, the story of how Tim Kaine found out he was going to be Hillary’s Veep.

Here to Make Friends. This is actually a close tie for my favorite podcast but I felt a little weird about highlighting two podcasts that recap reality television. Here to Make Friends is a HuffPost podcast that ‘lovingly snarks on the Bachelor and Bachelor adjacent shows.”
Favorite episode: Bachelorette S.12E6: Jojo Probably Says Goodbye to Your Favorites; Farewells.