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Skull Rock | Exploring Joshua Tree National Park

Skull Rock - Joshua Tree National Park

Joshua Tree is a huge National Park that can take days to explore. One of my favorite aspects of the park is one that we happened to stumble upon – Skull Rock.
Skull Rock - Joshua Tree National Park
One of the most popular locations in Joshua Tree is Jumbo Rocks. Nestled next to – you guessed it – jumbo rock formations, the first-come-first-serve campground has 124 campsites and is located is right off the main road. The campground can also accommodate RVs in addition to tents and has a few pit toilets. Win.
Skull Rock - Joshua Tree National Park

Skull Rock - Joshua Tree National Park
Although we decided to do backcountry camping (i.e., camping at least a mile off of the main road in the middle of nowhere), we did make a quick stop to the Jumbo Rocks campsite since it is located right next to the Skull Rock Nature Trail.
Skull Rock - Joshua Tree National Park

Skull Rock Nature Trail

The Skull Rock Nature Trail is a quick 1.7-mile walk around the skull and surrounding area. It’s an easy, paved loop that is good for adventurers of all ages. Because it’s an easily accessible trail, it can get pretty busy with campers and park visitors who decided to stop while driving by.

One of my favorite parts about the trail is that, like most Joshua Tree trails, it is well-maintained. I love that the park has clearly labeled all of the different types of flora that can be found and fauna that you might be able to spot if you’re lucky.
Skull Rock - Joshua Tree National Park

Skull Rock - Joshua Tree National Park
Don’t be surprised if you see lots of people lining up to take pictures with or in the skull. As with most sights in the park, you can bet the crowds by waking up early and getting there before others stop by the trail. Or, pack yourself a picnic and wait out the crowds.
Skull Rock - Joshua Tree National Park

Looking for more Joshua Tree tips? Make sure to stop by the cholla cactus garden and gaze upon the ocotillos.
Skull Rock - Joshua Tree National Park

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  1. travelandlipsticks
    10 months ago

    That looks so cool! And the rough nature seems stunning.

  2. Amanda @ Rhyme & Ribbons
    10 months ago

    I can just absolute kick myself for never exploring this area when it was so much more easily accessible to me!