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Treasuring 30

Treasuring 30 - Ko Phi Phi Thailand

Treasuring 30 - Ko Phi Phi Thailand
Yes, I was afraid of turning 30. I know that it’s stupid, but I’m feeling it. But instead of having a third-life crisis (which is totally a thing), I decided that I’m going to treasure 30.

When I was 27ish, I put together a list of 30 things that I wanted to accomplish by 30. I had divided them into six categories: learning, adventure, love, smile, create, and grow. I ended up accomplishing some of them, while others went untouched. I set high expectations for myself and I am frustrated that I didn’t complete some of them. I suppose that is to be expected.

Instead of making another list of goals, I wanted to make a list of things that I’m excited to experience in my 30s.

I’m excited to
1. Finish that Ph.D. I’m hoping that this is done in the next year.
2. Continue to settle down in Seattle. I never thought that I’d end up here but I love the life we’ve created.
3. (Maybe) buy a house & grow our family. Jury is still out.
4. Push myself out of my comfort zone.
5. Visit more cities and countries.
6. Support causes and organizations that I love (including ASPCA, IRF, Planned Parenthood, ACLU, NAACP, SPLC, Humane Society, Sierra Club, and ADL).
7. Finally research my family’s heritage.
8. Understand this whole financial stability thing.
9. Cultivate relationships.
10. Stand up and speak out for the people that I love.

I decided to document 30 on instagram using #Treasuring30. Feel free to follow along.

Were you excited about your 30s? Or, are you excited for your 30s?

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Nicole is a treasure hunter and pup mama located in Seattle, Washington. Loves travel, politics, lifestyle, TV, & wine. She's an unapologetic SJW & feminist AF.

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  • Happy Birthday!

  • I feel like 30 has different implications when you’re in a PhD program because it just demonstrates how long it takes (at least that’s what kind of makes me cringe at the thought of 30!). Glad you’re close to the finish line and it sounds like you have a ton of great things to look forward to on the horizon!

  • Happy Birthday!!! I love the idea of creating a list of experiences!

  • Happy B-day. I honestly think the thirties are and will be the best decade of live. Enjoy!!!

  • Paige Cassandra Flamm

    Happy birthday! I can tell 30 is going to be an awesome year for you!

    Paige Flamm
    The Happy Flammily (latest post)

  • nomnomkittycat

    Love your list! I weirdly felt a huge sense of relief when I turned 30…maybe because the new decade holds a lot of promise and it was nice to be disassociated with my twenties (when I, admittedly, made some pretty stupid choices, haha). You’ve accomplished so many amazing things so far, & I hope you aren’t too disappointed you didn’t complete your “before 30” list, which was ambitious!! I have a feeling our thirties will be our best decade yet, esp once we finish the GD doc program!!! #slay

    • awww, thanks friend! I’m not too disappointed, more annoyed that I forgot to do so many things!
      ps, I think that I have knew you for most of your 20s (7 years, yes?) and I witnessed very few stupid choices ;)

  • Love this list – and happy birthday! You’re hitting a lot of amazing milestones, and you should absolutely be proud of them! And that’s the great thing about hitting your 30s. That was the point when I stopped feeling like I needed anyone’s permission or approval to do anything or feel anything, whether it was taking myself seriously or letting myself off the hook. Enjoy!

    • Thank you, Kristin! I am starting to feel that feeling and waving goodbye to needing approval. I think it’s going to be a good decade :)

  • Happy, happy birthday and on one of my trips to Seattle we will have to get coffee!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

    • Thank you, Kelly! And YES, please let me know when you’ll be in Seattle so that we can meet up! Send me an email / tweet / swamp message :)

  • Steph Gregerson

    I like the fact that you are focusing on experiencing the moments. Cheers to 30. I’m almost 2 years into this decade, but it’s pretty fantastic.

    • Thank you, Steph! I figure that experiences is better than just trying to check things off my list. So far 30 has been treating me (and you, it seems) well!