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How James Bond Ruined Our Romantic Lunch

Dolphin Restaurant in Kauai, Hawaii

Dolphin Restaurant in Kauai, Hawaii

| location of of lunch date |
Let me set the scene: Two of the seven days we spent in Kauai were horribly rainy. As I mentioned earlier, it rained so hard that several roads were closed due to flooding. Matt and I celebrated the next sunny day by treating ourselves to lunch at one of the restaurants in town (Hanalei). All of the tables at the restaurant were filled so we parked ourselves at the empty bar. After about 10 minutes later a man and older woman sit down at the bar next to us while they are waiting on a table. After a few minutes Matt turns to me and says: “Yep.” And I of course had no idea what they was talking about. It wasn't until Matt said “that's Pierce Brosnan!” that I realized that we were sitting next to James Bond.

People were nice and respective of his privacy for the most part, although one lady did park herself right next to him for about 10 minutes while he enjoyed lunch with his family. While were didn't date approach him, we spent the majority of the lunch awkwardly sneaking glances in his direction. I quickly realized that our once romantic lunch for two had turned into me competing for Matt's attention with James Bond (Pierce Brosan is one of his favorites). understandably, James Bond won.

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Posted on February 18, 2016

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  • RedTagChicLA

    That was hilarious competing with none other than the Pierce!

    Much love!

  • Ha! Thanks for sharing that story. Apologies to Matt (though I’m sure he didn’t mind!).

  • Aah Pierce Brosnan. I love him ever since Remington Steele.

    Alex – Funky Jungle

  • haha i always feel so awkward in those kinds of situations. i mean in LA there are tons of celebs living there.. so you just have to play it cool like it’s just normal life. Jacob is of course shameless and will actually ask for a photo.. while i pretend i don’t know him. :P

  • Tiffany

    Every man has his man crush…I think you found his!

  • I would’ve died if that had been me! Maybe even worst if it was Roger Moore or Shawn!

  • I’ve always been more of a Sean Connery Bond fan… or Daniel Craig. but it would still be pretty cool to sit next to Pierce :)

  • That would have been me, no idea who it was until someone said something!

  • That is so awesome!

  • Mar

    What a great story! That place must be filled with celebs. When we went to Hanalei Bay there was this huge yacht out in the water. I don’t even know if you could call it a yacht it was so big. Rumour has it It was Johnny Depps. We spent the entire day creeping on the boat through my big camera lens lol

    What I would do to be in Kauai instead of this freezing weather right now…

  • haha having to compete with Pierce for attention from Matt! How neat it was for him to see one of his favorites in real life. I can only imagine how I would react if I were to see Brad Pitt in person. All in all it sounds like a lovely vacation!

    PS Imagine my shock as I was scrolling down to see I am featured as last week’s most viewed post! If that isn’t something to smile about as I look outside to snow and 0 degrees I am not sure what else is. Thank you for hosting the link-up:)


  • That is so cool!!! Sorry about your lunch date though :) We sat next to Owen Wilson at Mama’s Fish House in Maui a few years ago. I was so afraid to say anything to him!

  • That is so cool! I always try to play it cool if we see anyone famous and I’m too embarrassed to ask for a picture. I feel like they deserve to have a break too.

  • How fun to see a celeb in Hawaii!

  • OMG! How cooool is that! I used to have a big crush on Pierce Brosnan when he was 007 haha.

  • Ayeee but but but but YOU SAT NEXT TO JAMES BOND haha! I still feel bad how your romantic little time was ruined.

  • That’s so awesome you got to sit next to james bond!! man i never see anyone famous!! at least this is a story you’ll be telling years down the road!

  • Too cool! Love Pierce BRosnan’s accent..I would have been leaning over trying to listen to him talk haha!

  • Looks like a lot of fun!
    Melanie @

  • That’s awesome! That’s definitely a story for the books. Plus, can I just say I’m jealous that you were having lunch in Hawaii! I’m currently in the frozen tundra that is Ohio.

    I also wanted to stop and let you know that the High Five for Friday link up has a new home! We’d love to have you as a part of it, this week or any time in the future! Have a great weekend :)

    Caitlin @ Coffee with Caitlin

  • That’s great! I’d be star-strucked!!

  • He’s such a good looking man! I remember reading that he lives in Hawaii with his family.

  • How cool is that?! Pierce Brosnan is one of the few celebrities I would probably recognize in public. He’s got a very memorable face! Lucky you getting to dine next to him!!