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Feel free to play this song while you the post. It kind of sums up my feelings towards social media in the last few weeks. Is it weird to relate a song about a failed relationship to my relationship with social media?! Regardless, it is a beautiful song
Lately by The Helio Sequence on Grooveshark

Lately … I've been completely overwhelmed busy by work. I know that I'm lucky that I absolutely love the work that I do and I never dread going to work (except when I'm sleep deprived). But the last few weeks have been exhausting. Luckily the busiest part of the season will be done in the next week or so!

Lately … I've been ignoring this blog, other blogs, those beautiful sponsors to your right, email, and social media due to all that work I've been doing. But starting Friday I get my (part of) weekends back. I can't wait to reengage in the social media world .. and the real world with my friends.

Lately … I've been excited for all my book club reads being turned into movies. Gone Girl was incredible (understatement?) and I can't wait for Before I Go To Sleep.

Lately … I've been getting into essential oils. Not that I know anything about them but I may or may not have had a little impulse buying spread in which I bought 10 small bottles of Doterra essential oils.

Lately … I've been getting excited for Halloween. I absolutely love handing out candy and might have bought 450 pieces today.

Lately … I've been getting extremely excited for wedding planning. We're a little behind schedule on some tasks (sorry, Stacy!) but I'm hoping on completing three incredibly fun tasks in the next few weeks … which might include dress shopping.

Lately … I've been feeling extremely grateful for the people in my life.

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Nicole is a treasure hunter and pup mama located in Seattle, Washington. Loves travel, politics, lifestyle, TV, & wine. She's an unapologetic SJW & feminist AF.

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  • I loved Gone Girl! So many awesome books being made into movies.

  • Sara Barnes

    I still need to see gone girl!!! and need to finish reading before i go to sleep…. :)

    506 Miles: from Detroit to Nashville

  • I hear you about things being so crazy! I find myself struggling to keep up with everything and to be able to listen to my inner voice to figure out where I want to go next. I can’t wait to hear more about wedding planning! Hope things slow down soon so you can enjoy all those cute kids in costumes:)

  • Gone Girl was SO good!

  • Hang in there! Life is ebb and flow. Ride the wave till it gets you to shore :)

    In other news, I am currently obsessed with essential oils! Rosehip is my new fav and my skin is loving it!

  • Hahaha… I am the total opposite of loving handing out candy – I will legit turn off every single light in our place and hide in the dark so that no one comes up to our door.

    • ha! did you get any trick or treaters this year?

      • We went to Pete’s parents… but they only had THREE and that was before we even got there. Kids aren’t as tough with the weather as they used to be! hahaha

  • I didn’t know Before I Go to Sleep was being made into a movie until my mom told me the other day. I can’t wait now!

  • If you figure out how to effectively use essential oils, I want to hear about it! I spent quite a bit on a few bottles and really have no idea how to best use them.

    • I think that I’m going to do a post once I figure them out.

      What kinds of oils did you buy?

      • Belated response to this, but I bought lemon, lavender, peppermint… i think one more that I can’t remember. But Tim has been breathing them in for congestion relief and he likes them!

  • Steph Gregerson

    I hope you share your findings on essential oils. I also impulse bought some and now I’m just trying to figure out how to use them properly.