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Black Butte Ranch, Central Oregon

Black Butte Ranch, Central Oregon

I think that I've completely fallen in love with Oregon. Although I've spent a lot of time up in Portland and have had the chance to explore the Rogue River in southern OR, this was my first time in central Oregon. Black Butte Ranch, just outside of Sisters, is a resort community in the middle of the Cascade Mountains. Normally the term “resort community” is an immediate turn-off for me, but I ended up loving my time spent at Black Butte Ranch. The community really does have it all: restaurant / lodge, tennis, golf, fishing, hiking, etc. The Cascade Mountains also serve as a gorgeous backdrop of a wedding.

Black Butte Ranch

A weekend in Black Butte Ranch is pretty much guaranteed to help you to recharge. In addition to attending the wedding, which was gorgeous, I spent the weekend relaxing: reading in the hammock, drinking in the sunshine on the porch, relaxing by the lake, learning how to play shuffleboard, and watching the deer around the property.

Black Butte Ranch - DeerBlack Butte RanchBlack Butte Ranch - SunshineBlack Butte Ranch

Side note: My google account, where I often keep my pictures, randomly created this weird little gif combining all of my pictures of the deer.

Black Butte Ranch, Central Oregon - Deer

Have you spent any time in central Oregon?

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  • How pretty! I never did make it to central Oregon while living there! Someday soon I’ll have to go back to visit…if not just for the family we have living there. lol And how random is that deer gif? Google just made that for you? So strange. I like it though! :)

  • that pic of the water and the mountains in the background is so pretty. Seems so wonderful and serene.

  • What a gorgeous place!

  • Wow, that is so beautiful! I love the deer!

  • What a beautiful place!! I haven’t spent any time there, but now I want to! Your computer makes awesome GIFs:)

  • Um, okay, this is the DREAMIEST!!! I can totally see why you have fallen head over heels with Oregon! I have never been but I definitely want to :)

  • Absolutely gorgeous! People keep suggesting Oregon to me as a travel destination and this just sealed the deal!

  • Totally jealous of these photos! I was just in Oregon over the 4th and I do have to say that Bend, OR (central!) was my favorite town we visited! xoxo

  • My family always spends a week out in either Black Butte Ranch or Eagle Crest, which is in the same area, I just love Oregon!

  • Beautiful! I love Black Butte and this totally reminds me that as wanderlust-y as I sometimes feel, I am so lucky to live in such an amazing state! <3

  • I’ve got a lot of family that lives near here, it’s such a pretty area! My cousin actually had her wedding at her husbands grandparents house, who had an amazing view of the mountains in the background.

  • what a pretty place and sounds like a great getaway. i’ve never been to oregon before. and that gif is too cute!

  • Wow, who knew Central Oregon was so beautiful?! Now I want to travel there! :-)

  • Looks so relaxing! And the perfect place to enjoy a Black Butte Porter! :P