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2014 Fall TV Schedule

2014 fall TV schedule

2014 fall TV schedule
Last week I shared the six new fall TV shows that I'm excited to watch. This week I'm treating myself by sharing the returning shows that this TV addict can't wait to return.

Fall TV Schedule – Returning Shows

CSI, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Family Guy


The Mindy Project

Modern Family, Criminal Minds, Survivor, Law & Order: SVU, Chicago P.D.

Scandal, Bones, Parenthood, Parks and Rec*

I know, it's a lot. So, if I had to recommend 5 shows to put on your DVR, I would pick these:

  1. Brooklyn Nine-Nine. This show is surprisingly hilarious. While I'm not a huge fan of a lot of the female characters (the actors are a little weak to be honest) as a whole, the cast is awesome.
  2. Chicago P.D. I'm completely obsessed with this show. I've never seen Chicago Fire so a few of the story lines are a bit hard to follow, but overall, the acting is awesome, the plot is great, and Sophia Bush is a queen.
  3. Scandal. I mean, duh.
  4. Parenthood. I can't believe that it is the last season of this show! I go through a box of tissue in each episode
  5. Bones. This show is only making the top 5 list because it is the last season of the show. And because I binge-watched the whole series while in South Africa because it was one of the only TV shows that I could stream / rent from the video store
  6. Bonus: Parks and Rec*. Probably the best show on TV. I can already see myself crying through the who (last) season

*I know that Parks and Rec doesn't start until early 2015 but it felt wrong to not include it!

Which returning shows are you most excited for this fall?

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  • RedTagChicLA

    Thanks for the heads up to your fun linkup! I can’t wait for the return of TWD, Scandal, Revenge!


  • I started watching Chicago Fire and it was disappointing – but I’m intrigued to hear that Chicago PD is good! I’ll have to check it out! Also, I was not disappointed by the Mindy Project premiere yesterday! :) Also I love Esther’s blog!

    • Aww thanks Camila!! :) I am waiting for Mindy Project to be available on hulu. It’s one of my current faves. I feel like there aren’t enough comedies nowadays.

    • I haven’t watched the Mindy Project premiere yet! I plan on catching up this weekend

  • Woohoo SVU and Criminal Minds!! You know those are definitely my favorites. :) I also love Parenthood – but WHATTHEHECKTHISISTHELASTSEASON?? I didn’t know that. :( I’m still watching last season on Netflix haha. Guess I gotta catch up soon!

  • Bones and Chicago PD!! I have a total girl crush on Sophia Bush and I tell josh all the time that Booth is my other husband

  • I’m just so happy Parks and Rec offers season pass on Apple TV. lately we started watching Agents of Shield, though I have no idea when the next season comes out. if you’re into the Marvel movies, it really helps tie all the Avenger plot lines together!

    • I’ve been thinking about trying Agents of Shield but wasn’t sure. Glad to see that you recommend it!

  • I am so sad that this is the last season of Parks and Rec! It is one of my favorite shows as well.

  • I seriously thought Parks and Rec was already over.. I’m so happy there’s another season!! :D

  • Parks and Rec is life, cannot believe it’s ending and I’ll be crying right with you. This is also making me sad I gave up on Parenthood a couple of years ago. My returning shows I’m looking forward to are: Scandal, The Good Wife, Nashville, New Girl, Shark Tank, Revenge, Homeland… wow I watch too much TV.

  • Whitney

    DVR Set! I am so excited about this season! I hate it that it is the last season for so many shows! the new ones better be good enough to replace them because my heart is breaking!


    Whitney & Blaire

    Peaches In A Pod

  • I am anxiously awaiting Scandal. And I’m super happy it moved up an hour because we just got rid of our DVR and staying up until 11 on a Thursday night isn’t exactly good for my work schedule on Friday morning :) And I’m still a Grey’s Anatomy lover.

    • ha! I totally understand. But now How To Get Away With Murder is going to be taking the 10pm spot!

  • Scandal night will be amazing! PS anyone want to geek out over the premiere join me on twitter!

    xo Cassandre

    • I wish that I could join in on twitter but I don’t have cable and have to wait until it comes out on Hulu!

  • I will also be crying with you all of Parks & Rec. #pleasedon’tgo

  • I am so excited for Parenthood to start up again but so bummed it’s the last season. It’s one of the best shows on TV, in my opinion, since Friday Night Lights. Also excited for P&R (eventually) & The Mindy Project, but another one I’m surprisingly into and looking forward to is Once Upon A Time. I didn’t expect to like that show but I got hooked (har har….) from the first season and now I just have to see how it all plays out!

    • secret: I’ve never watched Friday Night Lights!

      ps, I see what you did there with the OUAT reference

  • Sara Barnes

    I feel like it’s been FOREVER since Bones was on!! So ready for it to be back!


  • Kristen Warren

    I am ridiculously excited for Scandal. I have never watched the others, clearly I need to binge watch them all!

  • I’m excited for Blacklist and Scandal. You HAVE to put Blacklist on your things to watch…you won’t regret it, best show ever!

  • Oh no! I didn’t know Bones was ending … ok i feel like i have to watch it now since it’s on its last season.

  • You have fantastic taste in TV. I like all the same shows! Mentally preparing to have my world rocked (and tissue boxes emptied) by Parenthood this season.

  • Castle : Criminal Minds : Bones YES YES YES!!! Can’t wait for all my shows to come back and thank goodness for DVR :-)

  • CAN’T WAIT FOR SCANDAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And Sons of Anarchy… which has already started but we’re waiting until we have a couple of episodes on tap to start watching it.

  • Tina

    I’m most excited about the mid-season programs: Justified, The Americans, Downton Abbey… Thanks for hosting this lovely link up!

  • I love Brooklyn Nine-Nine! x