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Greetings From Disneyland

California Adventure sign

California Adventure sign
Greetings, friends! Today I'm treating myself to Disneyland and California Adventure! This is the first year since 2005 that I haven't had an annual pass to the parks so I'm pretty excited to run around for a couple of days. I'll be treating myself to best that Disney has to offer: hour-long lines, screaming children, and 100-degree temperatures! Okay, I'm half joking. But you can be sure that I'm going to stuff myself silly on churros.

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Nicole is a treasure hunter and pup mama located in Seattle, Washington. Loves travel, politics, lifestyle, TV, & wine. She's an unapologetic SJW & feminist AF.

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  1. Katie
    4 years ago

    Ahhh my hubby and I had annual passes a few years- BEST EVER! We haven’t been back in a while since then, too. So fun! Enjoy and have a churro for me ;)


  2. Natalie Patalie
    4 years ago

    Aaaah the churros! Hahah have fun :)

  3. The Grits
    4 years ago

    Have a blast!! I love Disney!

  4. Julie Maguda
    4 years ago

    I hope you have an amazing time!! I’m super jealous! And mmmmm churros!! That’s my hubby’s favorite! lol

  5. Ashley Angle
    4 years ago

    Disney is so fun no matter what your age is!
    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  6. Kristen Warren
    4 years ago

    DISNEYYYY!!! So jealous.

  7. Erika
    4 years ago

    Have a wonderful time at Disney! Thanks so much for having me as a co-host! :-)

  8. Anna
    4 years ago

    Hope you have loads of fun! Disneyland is a great place, despite the queues!

  9. Emily
    4 years ago

    Hope you have a great time at Disneyland. My favorite part is all the great treats. I even wrote a post highlighting the best things to eat while visiting the Happiest Place on Earth. Let me know if you try any of them!

    4 years ago

    I love Disneyland… I can never get enough! Thanks for hosting!

    x Nina

  11. Helene
    4 years ago

    I haven’t been to disneyland/world/whatever in forever. so jealous.

  12. Kari Holtkamp
    4 years ago

    Have the best time! So fun and magical!

  13. Erin O'Brien
    4 years ago

    Mmm churros! That sounds good right now. Have fun!

  14. Anna Shelton
    4 years ago

    The churros are a must! Hope you enjoyed one (or several) thoroughly!

  15. esther julee
    4 years ago

    have fun!! wahhh mine just expired. :(

  16. nick
    4 years ago

    great ! i love disneyland
    tas laptop