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5 (Free!) Drink Apps To Download

5Drink Apps You Need To Download

5Drink Apps You Need To Download

One of my favorite ways to spend my free time is going out with friends to go wine tasting or trying new local craft beers. Most wineries give you a piece of paper detailing the selection of wines that you taste but I always manage to (soberly) misplace them. As someone who loves to organize just about everything in their life, I decided to find some apps for my phone that would help me track my favorite wines and beers. Here are my favorite wine, beer, cocktail, and non-alcoholic drink-related apps. The wine and beer apps are great for remembering your favorites, while the other three apps provide recipes for drinks that you can make at home!

5 (Free!) Drink Apps You Should Download


5Drink Apps You Need To Download: Untapped
Untapped is the perfect app for anyone who loves craft beers. The app allows you to document all of your favorite beers by writing notes, taking pictures, and rating the brew. You can also check-in to the brewery or restaurant where you're having the beer. My favorite thing is that you can connect the app to your social media and see which beers your friends love (or hate) … and which of your friends might love beer a little too much.


5Drink Apps You Need To Download: Drync
Get ready to fall in love, winos. Drync is your virtual wine inventory (in case this one on excel doesn't do it for you). The app allows you to easily track and rate your favorite wines and create your inventory by taking pictures of the label. While I stick to those features, you can also buy wine through the app and have it shipped to your door!


5Drink Apps You Need To Download: epicurious
While this app is best for cooking-related needs, it has a great selection of non-alcoholic drinks. The drinks listed range from mocktails to juicing recipes and everything in between. A great app to add to your mobile device!


5Drink Apps You Need To Download: Mixology
Hello, cocktails! The free version of the app lets you browse a variety of different drinks such as hot drinks, cocktails, jello shots (!), martinis, punches … you get the idea. It also has a great section of non-alcoholic drinks. You can also save your favorite drinks so that all your recipes are in one place. The best part of the app, though, is that you can enter in the liquor and mixers you have in your cabinet, hit ‘search' and the app will pull all the drink recipes you can make using the ingredients that you already have!

Cocktail Flow

5Drink Apps You Need To Download: Cocktail Flow
Although Cocktail Flow doesn't have a huge inventory of drinks to pick from, it is by far the most visually appealing app on this list. Identify the alcohol and mixers you have in stock and the app will provide a list of drinks you can make. My favorite thing about Cocktail Flow is that you can search for drinks by color. The sorority girl in me wishes that I had this app when prepping for theme parties.

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Nicole is a treasure hunter and pup mama located in Seattle, Washington. Loves travel, politics, lifestyle, TV, & wine. She's an unapologetic SJW & feminist AF.

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  • Downloading Untapped as I type! Thanks for the recommendation Nicole! I really enjoy trying and rating new beers, except for IPA’s… They’re too hoppy for me lol :)

  • I have never heard of any of these apps but defintely downloading Drync now! I can never remember the brand of the great bottle of wine so this app sounds perfect for solving that problem!

  • This is a helpful list!

  • Yup, Untappd is definitely one of my favorite apps. My husband and I love craft beer, and it is perfect for when you visit breweries for tastings so as not to forget all the types of beer you drank. But yes, there is definitely the aspect of, “Oh wow! So and so drinks A LOT!” Hahahaha.

  • Thanks for hosting. The wine app really appeals to me! : )

  • I have Untapped and love it, although I can’t use it currently. I miss it though :) I didn’t know about any of the others but you can bet on December 13th I will be trying them out! Ok, maybe not all that day, but you know what I mean.

    • I’ll look for you on the app on Dec 13th. ps, I’m so excited for you and your family, Niki!

  • I’m probably the friend that drinks too much category for untapped. Actually, one of my 101 items is to drink x beers, using untapped to keep track :) I really wish there was a untapped equivalent for wine, so I could log by the glass, especially when you do tastings and don’t have the bottle to scan.

  • Untapped sounds like fun – I’m definitely a beer person over wine. (Totally off topic, but they need to develop something like untapped for nail polish!)

  • my brother is obsessed with untappd… it makes me sad that I can’t drink beer, but maybe they list ciders and gf beers on there? I’ll have to check it out. and if not, there’s always wine :)

  • Cocktail flow looks right up my alley! I’ll be checkout it out – thanks!

  • I fell in love with that black dress as well!!! She looks stunning…..
    XoXoX Crystelle Crystelle Boutique

  • I can’t wait to check out these apps! Thanks for sharing!

  • Definitely need to download some of these!
    xo Adri

  • thanks for the app ideas! it’s my first time joining the link-up and I’m excited. thanks for hosting!! :)

  • huge fan of untappd! although i always forget to log the beers i drink.. oops!! glad we’re friends on there. :)

  • SimplyEvani

    You’ve done such a great job with this link up Nicole!! <3 Wine tasting is my fave, as you know but heck if I ever take the time to take notes on the wines for future reference. I totally should!

  • I love the Untappd app, but I can never remember to use it!

  • Kristen Warren

    drink apps? amazing. need to get all of these.