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I had another post planned for the day but I'm too excited about life right now so I'm bumping it to another day.

Why am I so excited? We finally decided on a wedding venue and date! And it only took us a little more than a year to decide!

This wedding is finally starting to feel real. And I'm waaaaay too excited.

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  • congrats on setting a date!

  • Awe, congratulations! :D

  • So when do we get to hear these deets?? That’s awesome! Congrats!

    • Yeah, agreed! What’d you decide!? So exciting!

    • ha! hmm, not sure when I’ll share the details about the actual place buuuuut get ready for a lot more wedding posts. cc @margoeggeling:disqus

  • Congratulations on choosing a date and moving forward with the planning. Wedding planning is so much dang fun! I know your wedding will be full of all kinds of details and overall OMGness. Can’t wait to see how it turns out!

  • How exciting that you have your venue and date! Thank you for hosting the link-up.

  • hooray! I remember the day we picked our venue… it was cold and rainy and I still loved the setting anyway, so I felt pretty secure in my choice. I’m excited to follow along with your planning, and hope you have so much fun with it! I’m sure you have some kick-ass spreadsheets cooking up already ;)

  • Congrats on finding the venue and the date. I know those things are more difficult to set than people think!

  • How exciting, congrats on finding the venue and setting the date!

  • Congrats on setting a date and venue!

  • Congrats! How exciting :)

  • Congratulations on setting the date! It’s a deceptively simple tasks that needs only has about a millions variables…

  • Congrats!! Just makes everything more real doesn’t it?! Now tons more planning will take place hehe

  • Congratulations! Can’t wait to hear more about the wedding plans!

  • yay! That is such a big thing to have done! I am sure the rest will fall in place now!

  • So when IS the date?! I’m excited to hear all about this venue, it must be perfect!

  • Sarah C

    congrats, how exciting!

  • YAYYYYY! Congrats!

  • YAYYYY for setting a date! How fun! :D

  • Congrats!