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Current Favorites

Current Favorites

Every now and then I like to treat myself to some small items. And since I finished my thesis, I feel like I'm entirely entitled to treat myself to one (or all) of my current favorite things. You know, in addition to all my celebrating.

Beguiling Belle Dress. This is one of those dresses that I currently don't have a reason to buy but I might get it as a “just in case” dress. The last time I did that it served me well as I wore it to my engagement party.

kate spade Business Card Holder: I've been eyeing this business card holder for a while now. I think that I finally buy it since I'll need one for BlogHer in July! On a related note, I need blog business cards. Those of you that have them: how did you design / create them? Recommendations, pretty please!

blog life e-course: Confession: I just treated myself to this course. I loved the Blog Love and have been wanting to try another e-course. Blog Life looks to be a bigger, better, more professional expansion of Blog Love. Did anyone else sign up for this e-course? If so, would anyone be interested in doing a sort of study group that moves through the course together and shares ideas / troubles / insights? If so, let me know! I would love to organize a little group!

Sushi: The Beginner's Guide: Although I've almost mastered the basic sushi roll, I would love to learn how to make different types of sushi at home.

The Fault in Our Stars: Now that I have a little extra time, I get to catch up on my pleasure reading. The first book that I'm going to tackle from my summer reading list is The Fault in Our Stars. It happens to my the book of choice for my book club this month and I've heard nothing but great things.

Inspiration Notepad: Just because I finished a big project doesn't mean that I don't have a ton of work to get done. And every now and then I need a little extra inspiration.

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Nicole is a treasure hunter and pup mama located in Seattle, Washington. Loves travel, politics, lifestyle, TV, & wine. She's an unapologetic SJW & feminist AF.

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  • Miriam

    I’ve read the book, and it really is excellent. A serious topic, but told in a way that is intelligent and even funny, despite the sadness.
    You should totally buy the dress, it’s gorgeous! And you know how it is: when you need one for a specific occasion, you won’t find anything. It’s best to be prepared!

  • Thanks for hosting :) I read that book recently, wasn’t bad!

  • I think you will like The Fault in Our Stars!

  • Love that dress! I’ve been eyeballing that course, so I may be interested in a group, but I won’t be able to start it until June 8th. Let me know when you’re planning on starting.

  • Sarah

    ooh I love the dress, and am very behind the idea of buying ‘just in case’ dresses :)

  • Thank you for hosting. I’ve rejoined your link-up with my new blog! Have a great weekend. : )

  • Thanks for having me as a co-host this week! I think you more than deserve to treat yourself after finishing your thesis!

  • That dress is beautiful! I’d be interested in the course and forming a group. Please keep me posted…I think it’d be fun to do it together!

  • Hello! This is the first time I’ve left a comment on here in ages! I have a final deadline at midnight tonight and then I’m planning on starting blog life (it’s been my ‘finish those essays’ incentive). Let me know if you start a group- I’m in! X

  • I love that dress and the notepad!! And I’ve been thinking about taking that e-course! Yay for finishing your thesis!!!

  • the fault in our stars = SO GOOD. i actually listened to the audiobook at work and cried in my cubicle. haha. have some kleenex close by!

    i bought the Blog Life course and am loving it. i’m also already in a small study group for it! we just had our first meeting this week to go over the first couple lessons. it’s definitely a great idea!

  • I have blog business cards and it has the logo from my banner on it (condensed and positioned to fit on the card) my email address & blog name.
    And The Fault In Our Stars is my favorite book that I’ve read this year.

  • My blog business card takes a lot of design cues from my logo- so the glasses and name of blog on one side and my name and info on the other. I also include my twitter/instagram handle.

  • Let us know once you find out about the blog business cards! I’m curious too. Love the case!

  • I’ve soo curious about the e-course with A Beautiful Mess! I would love to hear your thoughts so far!
    xo Adri

  • Congrats on finishing! You should definitely treat yourself to that lovely business card holder. And anything else you want because you deserve it!

    Also, I tagged you in today’s Eleven Questions post. :)

  • It’s always good to have a cute “just in case” dress like that one. :-)

  • I’ve heard great things about The Fault in Our Stars too…I’m curious to see how you find it! And yay for celebrating your successes!!

  • Kristen Warren

    i want that dress! and the fault in our stars is on my never ending list, haha.

    also, i just wanted to say i just finished reading the two thirds hazel post and i opened the blogs of all the commenters with the same views as me… so hi!! haha glad i found your blog!

  • I neeeed to read The Fault in our Stars. I want to see the movie, too!

  • I need to read The Fault in our Stars. The writer happens to write about a place at the IMA and Indy in general so it makes me feel even more obligated to read it!!! Also the blog ecourse it looks amazing, may need to treat myself to it!

  • Emine Sharma

    I would love to be VERY interested in doing a study. I’m in the beginning stages of developing my blog and love to get your insight.


  • Guest

    I would love to be VERY interested in doing a study. I’m in the beginning stages of developing my blog and love to get your insight.


  • Emine Zubeyde

    I’m interested in doing a study group for the e-course! I’m in the beginning stages of developing my blog and would love to get your insight.

  • I would be interested in a study group too! I recently started the course (loving it so far) and would love the insight of others. I love that business card holder, I’m loving everything kate spade has been doing lately.

  • the e-course sounds interesting but $50 is a lot. i guess i would have to hear good things from people i know and trust. i know even in the photography world there are good educators and others who take advantage of people new to the industry to put a little extra cash in their pockets. i’m always skeptical of these kinds of things. let me know how it is and how u like it! :) how do you like a fault in our stars so far? i read it a couple years ago (i think) and it was a page turner for me! just finished gone girl for the summer reading challenge. :D

  • THE FAULT IN OUR STARS. Oh my gosh. Lovely. I laugh, hysterically. Then I start to tear up. And, seriously, I haven’t ever had a book I love so much and that I’ve got so involved in. I literally can’t wait to hear what you think of it. :)

  • The Fault in our Stars is on my reading list but I’m trying to be good and wait until it goes available to rent from the library :) If it doesn’t happen before our beach trip I buying it :)