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10 Reasons Why I Love The Desert And You Might Too

10 Reasons To Love The Desert (1)

10 Reasons To Love The Desert
Today I'm treating myself with a trip to the desert. Okay, I'm really going to the desert because some of my favorite people are running the Zion Ragnar this weekend and I'm the team volunteer (because let's be honest: there is no way that you would ever see me run that many miles in such a short period of time my life). But I love the desert so I still think of this as a treat.

If you had asked me five years ago what I thought about the desert I would have said that I hated it. And that would have been a half lie because at that point in my life the only time that I had spent in the desert was driving through it on the way to Las Vegas. About four years ago, however, Matt and I went on our first camping trip together out to the middle of nowhere in the Mojave Desert. While I think that the Mojave is my favorite (although I might be biased since that is where we got engaged), I love other local deserts like the Anza Borrego Desert and Grand Canyon.
10 Reasons To Love The Desert
Although the desert has a special little place in my heart since it holds so many memories, there are a number of reasons why I love the desert and you might too.

10 Reasons Why I Love The Desert And You Might Too

10 Reasons To Love The Desert

  1. Sunset / Sunrise.
  2. Seeing the sunset in the desert changed my life. I know that sounds dramatic but I think that watching the sky change colors behind the desert mountains is the second most beautiful sight in the world just behind the next item on the list.

  3. Star Gazing.
  4. Imagine a place where you can see all of the stars in the sky unobstructed by city lights. Now imagine you're in that same place with a telescope. Is your mind blown? It should be, because it is quite possibly the most beautiful sight in the world. And a nice reminder that there is more than just one star in the sky.

  5. Adventures.
  6. The desert is full of a variety of activities for those who love to adventure. While I prefer easy hiking and camping, the desert is the perfect place for biking or climbing / bouldering. I personally do not enjoy those latter activities (since I'm terrified of everything) but it sure looks like fun when Matt is doing them!
    10 Reasons To Love The Desert

  7. Mysteries.
  8. The desert is full of mysteries, big and small! Abandoned structures, ‘desert people', weird little trails, and random salt lands make the desert a lovely little mystery.
    10 Reasons To Love The Desert

  9. Solitude.
  10. I very rarely see other people when camping in the desert (except for Joshua Tree … or Coachella). Having lived in an apartment almost all of my life, it is remarkable to explore the desert in solitude. It is one of the few places that you can go to truly be alone.

  11. Quiet.
  12. This ties into the the previous point but the desert is so quiet that it is startling. Except for the occasional airplane or car in the distance, the only sounds in the desert are made by you or your new animal friends. And yes, I'm still terrified of listening to the coyotes at night.

  13. New Life.
  14. The desert has so much beautiful life! I think that the most beautiful time in the desert is while it is in bloom. Image miles upon miles of bright colors sprinkled throughout the normally brown/green landscape. The desert in bloom shows vivid shades of blues, yellows, purples, pinks, reds, and oranges. The beauty of the desert in bloom is breathtaking.
    10 Reasons To Love The Desert10 Reasons To Love The Desert

  15. Being Tiny
  16. There are few things that will make you feel smaller than being out in the desert. Whenever I'm out in the desert I feel so tiny compared to the vast open spaces, giant mountains and boulders, and thousands of visible stars.

  17. Disconnect.
  18. It is almost impossible to stay connected to email, social media, and work while out in the desert (believe me, I've tried). Instead, you're too busy adventuring, enjoying the beauty of nature, and possibly playing boardgames like backgammon and chess.

  19. Desert Wine
  20. Because wine just tastes better in the desert. Especially if you finally remember to buy a bottle with a twist cap after countless times of forgetting a corkscrew and resorting to pushing the cork into the bottle with a pen.

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  1. Christina
    4 years ago

    I just recently moved to Phoenix at the end of January from South Dakota. I’ve yet to do much exploring because of work and getting settled. But from what I’ve seen it’s really beautiful here. It’s much different than what I grew up around in Arkansas, but I’m excited to get to know the area!

  2. NataliePatalie
    4 years ago

    Beautiful pictures! :)

  3. Megan C. Stroup
    4 years ago

    Gosh yes on the sunsets and the solitude! I’ll have to try the wine trick next time I’m in the desert. ;) And getting engaged in the desert doesn’t hurt, either! I remember that post way back when you announced the engagement – crazy!

  4. jointhegossip
    4 years ago

    I grew up going to Arizona and hated it. It’s grown on me…a little haha. I do love the sunsets ad the fact that you can actually see the stars, though.

  5. Kaelene Spence
    4 years ago

    We use to visit the desert in Oregon every summer and I loved how different the environment was from where I grew up. So fun to go out and explore it, and the starts are so bright and beautiful out there.

  6. Amanda
    4 years ago

    Since I grew up in the desert as well I always feel a bit precious about it, so t’s nice to hear about others loving it as well :) x

  7. Anna
    4 years ago

    Beautiful photos! I would love to go exploring in the desert on day, I like the idea of a large open space and peace and quiet.

  8. Noor Unnahar
    4 years ago

    I didn’t like desserts until I started living near dessert for quite a while. Star gazing is wonderful , feels like galaxy is open up. Though galaxy must be way bigger :)

  9. Amanda MeeMee
    4 years ago

    I’ve never been to the dessert before… unless Vegas counts. Does Vegas count?! ;P

  10. Adri Cisneros
    4 years ago

    I never thought I would appreciate the beauty of the dessert, but I really enjoyed amazing sunsets and a slower pace in Sedona and Phoenix. Yup, this beach girl misses the dessert sometimes!
    xo Adri

  11. Anna Belle
    4 years ago

    I love the desert landscape, but maybe because it is so different from where I’ve mostly lived! I even think the little scrubby deserts of west Texas are pretty in a unique way!

  12. Niki Caron
    4 years ago

    I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’ve never been to the desert (does Vegas count? I guess not). I really want to take a trip sometime!

  13. Amy @ Long Drive Journey
    4 years ago

    Oh my gosh, that plant looks like a giant pipe cleaner, and I love it. I have been thinking about exploring the good old USA this summer now that it looks like Australia has fallen through (not enough money in my bank account to go there AND move across the country for grad school this fall). The desert sounds like a great option.

  14. Rachel Murphree
    4 years ago

    I love the desert too, although Joshua Tree might be my favorite. :)

  15. Kari Holtkamp
    4 years ago

    I always want to head to the beach, but now I want to go to the desert! It looks so beautiful there, and I imagine that the star gazing would be spectacular!

  16. Alicia | Jaybird Blog
    4 years ago

    Oh wow! It’s so exciting that my productivity tips were the most viewed treat last week! Thanks so much Nicole.

  17. Katie @ The Style Dunce
    4 years ago

    I think I like #10 the best. That just sounds perfect. A gorgeous desert and a glass of wine.

  18. Michael
    4 years ago

    I’ve never set foot in the desert but I know I’d love it. Those temperatures are my favorite and just being outside is perfect to me!

  19. Cassie Lee
    4 years ago

    ZION IS MY FAVORITE! After I moved away from Santa Rosa, I also lived in Arizona for 8 years or so!