Decorating For Spring and Treat Yo’ Self Thursday {Link-up #15}

*this post is sponsored by Kleenex® but all opinions and used tissues are my own*

Let me start this post by throwing my fiancé under the bus. When we first moved into our new home, I set up Kleenex® boxes around the house: the living room, each bathroom, bedroom, and office. While I like having tissues boxes in easy to find areas for guests, Matt told me that having tissue boxes “on display” was never a good idea. I personally disagree since some tissues boxes are more decorative and pretty than the art I pick out, but I dropped it.

Decorating for Spring with #KleenexStyle. Find out more:

Decorating For Spring

Fast forward to now and Kleenex has just launched the Kleenex® Style Studio, which features fun, decorative designs that are meant to be on display. I’ve used the tissues boxes to start decorating for spring and stocked our house with orange and yellow boxes, my personal favorite springtime colors.

Decorating for Spring with #KleenexStyle. Find out more:

Since spring has come early out here in California (well, since we seemed to have missed winter all together), the Kleenex® Style Studio features beautiful spring-inspired designs to brighten up your space. Kleenex® Style Studio products are inspired with high-fashion designs in mind. In fact in this video Kleenex® went to the streets of New York and asked people if they could tell the difference between the tissue box or a high-fashion design:

You can take the quiz yourself and hopefully score better than I did (and you get a coupon at the end of the quiz)!

Welcome to Treat Yo’ Self Thursday!

Treat Yo Self Thursday Link-Up


Last Week’s Most Viewed Treat

Why I Love To Read Your Blog
Thin Mint Puppy Chow via Eat Drink and Be Mary

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Treat Yo’ Self!

  • Mary Bolster

    aw yay, I’m so glad people liked my post from last week! I had so much making the chalkboard design & the puppy chow didn’t last but two days at my hous. Loving the link up and your cute blog sweet girl!

    • Nicole @ Treasure Tromp

      I can’t wait to try making the puppy chow myself!!

  • Carly @ Let Us Wanderlust

    Love those Kleenex tissue box designs! How neat!

    • Nicole @ Treasure Tromp

      aren’t they cute? I’ve got a different design in each room!

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  • Amanda

    Ah, Kleenex. The weather just got a tad nicer, and now Jordan is sneezing like crazy! haha… he JUST did it as I typed that. Darn allergies!

    • Nicole @ Treasure Tromp

      hello allergy season! In addition to multiple boxes of tissues, I also keep a cool air humidifier in my bedroom and office. I think that has really helped my allergies!

  • Amanda

    Ok. Thin mint puppy chow?! Seriously? My mouth automatically started watering.

    • Nicole @ Treasure Tromp

      amazing, right?

  • Amanda

    I’m a tissue snob. I love the medicated slightly lotion-y ones, and Sam thinks those are disgusting! x

    • Nicole @ Treasure Tromp

      I like to stick to lotion ones …. but not the medicated ones. I think they smell a little weird :)

  • Kaelene Spence

    I miss the soft lotion coated tissues, I have yet to find them here!

    • Nicole @ Treasure Tromp

      the soft lotion ones are the best! I could always send you some :)

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  • Helene

    i for sure can’t tell! i like those designs!

    • Nicole @ Treasure Tromp

      aren’t the cute?!

  • esther julee

    That’s so funny they can’t tell the difference. I’d probably get them all wrong too! haha So this treat yourself link up.. is it pretty self explanatory? like you basically write a post about treating yourself to something nice? :)

    • Nicole @ Treasure Tromp

      yes, any post about treating yourself is great. Well actually, I encourage any and all posts! I see having another way to expose your latest blog post as a great way to treat yo self! You should join in on the fun!

      • esther julee

        oh cool! didn’t know for sure! :) i’ll definitely join

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  • Tammy

    I did the quiz! So fun! Agreed. They have really step up in the design area! So cute! ~Tammy

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