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Collecting Postcards

Collecting Postcards

I've been collecting postcards for quite some time (and shot glasses, but that is for another post).

Collecting Postcards

Every time I head to a new city I like to pick up a small 50 cent reminder of the place. I send, however, zero postcards. I'm a greedy gal and want to keep them all for myself. My plan is to write a short description of what I did in each city on the back of each postcard, put them on a cute little tray, and then stick the whole collection on the coffee table. I doubt that anyone who comes over would be interested in seeing the postcards but I will enjoy looking back on past adventures.

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  • I collect postcards as well. I’ve framed them all and they take up an entire wall. It takes gallery wall to a new extreme but I love it! X

    • oh I love the idea of a postcard gallery wall, Amanda! That is awesome! I’ve thought about going something similar with maps!

  • My Aunt collects postcards as well and I am always sure to send her one from each new place I visit.

    • getting postcards from others is especially sweet! One of my favorites is a postcard from Japan sent from a fiend in high school. I still have it 10 years later!

  • Kristin

    D and I do the same (or try to) with post cards, but then I have no clue what to do with them! The idea of recording the dates & what we did is good! I think they’d collect a whole lot of dust on my coffee table though. I wish I could find a cute idea!

  • I’m a total postcard hoarder, too! But then my friend (who travels a ton) started sending us post cards with fun foreign stamps and I loved receiving them so much I have been trying to send more. Because who doesn’t love real snail mail? So fun to get to know Rachel a little bit better!

    • oooh foreign stamps are so cool! confession: I was once in the Coin and Stamp club in my middle school and totally geeked out over stamps from far away lands!

  • i love a good postcard, but i’m terrible about sending them while we’re actually traveling. so they make it back to brussels, get a belgian stamp and i play it off as multi-international…

  • I love when friends bring me back little, personal and cultural filled trinkets from their travels. I haven’t gotten to much exploring (yet), so I love creating a world map through pieces of other’s experiences. Do you have a favorite post card? Definitely a cool souvenir to collect.

    • I have too many favorites! one of my favorites is one that a friend sent from Japan. But each one is so special in a different way!

  • I have a small collection of postcards, but my most precious ones are the onessent by family members from over 100 years ago. They are written in pencil, but give an idea of what my family ancestor was doing and what life was like at the time. One even says ‘see you tomorrow’ to the person they were writing too – shows the postal system back then was faster than it is now! Haha!

  • Have you heard of postagram? Its an app that will send your photo as a physical postcard!! I think it would be perfect for traveling overseas (Foreign post offices are as nerve wracking as anything!) I just learned about it, but can’t wait to use it on my next trip!!

  • I love Rachel (and you)! I should really collect more post cards. I do love Boston and can’t wait to visit again soon!

  • i started collecting postcards at some point and then forgot to get them a few times and then gave up on the collection entirely… I think it’s an awesome ideas, though! (I also send zero postcards).

    • ha, I do that sometimes too (like with my shot glass collection). I say you collect whatever you feel like collecting in that moment!

  • i had a small collection when i went to italy and got one from every city i visited. then we moved and i can’t find them :(

  • I used to collect shotglasses too but then they started taking up too much cabinet space.. and it’s not good when we just downsized to a smaller apt. right now we switched over to collecting patches, but some places don’t even have patches. i think postcards could even look really nice framed on the wall. :)

    • oh patches are awesome, Esther! Do you sew them to anything?

      • not yet.. we’re trying to figure out where! maybe one of our travel bags? not sure, because it all depends on how much space we need for how much travel we’ll do. – haha the uncertainties. :)

  • I am a serious postcard collector. I do send some out but I am definitely hoarding more than I am giving. My husband collects shot glasses. I love looking back at all the places we have been. Everyone knows I collect them too so they are always sending them to me when they go away or bringing me some back. I love you idea about putting them in a try on the coffee table.

  • Mercedes Anderson

    Since I don’t get to travel as much as I would like, I participate in Basically, you send postcards to strangers around the world, and new strangers send you postcards back.

  • I collect (and send) postcards AND shot glasses too! The trickiest part is getting them all home in one piece. I still live at home though so currently all my beautiful momentos are in boxes hiding.

  • I love collecting postcards too! But not just from places I have been to, I also keep the ones that people send me. It’s nice to get them out sometimes and look at the pictures from all around the world.

    • oh I love getting them from people as well. it seems to happen less and less since it is easier to send an email!

  • I love postcards, too! I have collected them for as long as I can remember. They are cheap and always fit in my carry-on. :)