8 Home Office Inspirations

8 Home Office Inspirations
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Working from home has a lot of perks: I can work in my pajamas, I save money on gas since my commute is between rooms, and nobody will judge me for eating stinky leftovers for lunch. And while I’m guilty of working from bed on occasion, I feel more productive when I’m sitting in an organized workspace.

Since Matt and I share a home office I can’t style the whole room to my liking but I can decorate my space in a way that encourages some (relaxed) productivity.

Regardless of my love / hate relationship with Pinterest, I had a lot of fun looking through images to find a little home office inspiration. I managed to find 8 home offices that I adore and wold love to create in my space. And apparently they all have two things in common: 1) Mac computers and 2) the color theme:

Home Office Inspiration
I know that my space will never looks quite like these (primarily due to lack of funds and because I doubt Matt would like a gold, ivory, and pink tassel banner) but a girl can dream, right?

How have you decorated your home office / workspace?

  • http://lazyboleynblog.blogspot.com/ Mal

    These offices are so beautiful and neat. Mine is a mess with stacks of paper and books.

    • http://treasuretromp.com/ Nicole @ Treasure Tromp

      mine is too! books everywhere!

  • Elizabeth Georgian

    I love these office ideas! I am in the middle of moving apartments now so this is the perfect time for inspiration!

    Elizabeth from luyoutravel.blogspot.com

    • http://treasuretromp.com/ Nicole @ Treasure Tromp

      excellent! thoughts on how you might want to design your workspace?

      • Elizabeth Georgian

        I’m not quite sure yet how I’ll organize things. I do know that I want my desk to near the window and I have the perfect spot to hang my bulletin board. Good luck with your re-design!

  • http://www.rhymeandribbons.com/ Amanda

    Those are all my home office inspirations as well. But since Sam occasionally works from home as well I think he’d find gold bunting a tad distracting. But maybe not. Maybe I should just give it a go… x

    • http://treasuretromp.com/ Nicole @ Treasure Tromp

      just give a try and see what he says :)

  • http://blog.lixhewett.com/ Lix Hewett

    I love that top right workspace. And the bottom left and center. I’ve made some changes to my workspace recently but nothing major due to budget + I don’t want to stay here any longer than I have to. It doesn’t look awfully pretty or all match, but it’s helped a lot with decluttering and I think it’s going to be very practical once I start sewing on the regular.

    • http://treasuretromp.com/ Nicole @ Treasure Tromp

      decluttering is key! I feel like my desk is currently too busy and that is very distracting.

  • http://letuswanderlust.blogspot.com/ Carly Herring

    I love these home office ideas! Oh to have unlimited funds…wouldn’t it be nice! I love the neutrality of the ivory predominance in the rooms, and then adding pink and gold elements to complete the room! I’m definitely inspired :) Thanks for sharing!
    Carly x (sorry if this comment posts twice!)

    • http://treasuretromp.com/ Nicole @ Treasure Tromp

      oh yes, unlimited funds would be so wonderful! all the gold & pink highlights we could dream of! and don’t worry, it only posted once :)

  • http://montgomeryfest.com/ Annie Montgomery

    These are all beautiful! I dream of having a workspace one day! I love our tiny flat, but I feel like having a beautiful space specifically for work would create so much inspiration!

    • http://treasuretromp.com/ Nicole @ Treasure Tromp

      I agree but even tiny flats can have that space! I saw a lot of images on pinterest that highlighted dining room tables as workspaces. Or small corner desks for the living room area!

  • http://clubnarwhal.blogspot.com/ Amy | Club Narwhal

    I am so on the gold and pink tassel train with you (and just sneak them in, Matt will learn to love them as well, right?). Whenever I work from home I realize how awesome it is and wish I could do it full time. Way to live the dream!

    • http://treasuretromp.com/ Nicole @ Treasure Tromp

      Sometimes it feels like a dream but other times I kind of crave a different work environment … but that thought goes away very quickly the moment I work outside of my house

  • http://www.she-crab-soup.com/ Kelli@She Crab Soup

    I love working from home and you’re right a dedicated work space is so important. I’ve placed my desk right in front of the window so that when I look up I look out. It helps me feel less trapped on days when it feels like I’ve been inside my house forever.

    • http://treasuretromp.com/ Nicole @ Treasure Tromp

      oh I wish that my desk faced the window! I faced the window in my last place but not in this one unfortunately. :(

  • http://somethinwinnderful.com/ Katie @ Something Winnderful

    I dream of the day I’ll have a home office and all the offices you featured are exactly what it will look like. One day I’ll have one!

    • http://treasuretromp.com/ Nicole @ Treasure Tromp

      yes, one day! If only my office looks like any of these :)

  • http://glossymusings.com/ Alyssa

    I would kill for my own home office…maybe someday!

    • http://treasuretromp.com/ Nicole @ Treasure Tromp

      oh I love it so much. one day!

  • http://themovetoamerica.wordpress.com/ Molly @ The Move to America

    Oh, yes a girl can dream! What great ideas and inspiration for a home office … I may try and persuade my Hubby for when we finally have our own place. Don’t think he’ll go for it either!

    • http://treasuretromp.com/ Nicole @ Treasure Tromp

      strange how some men aren’t into pink a gold accents. weird!

  • http://www.lifeunsweetened.com/ Rachel

    My “home office” is a desk in the back of our living room, which is far from these gorgeous shots!

    • http://treasuretromp.com/ Nicole @ Treasure Tromp

      my desk probably looks a lot like yours! but all desks can get beautified, right?

  • http://www.diariesofanessexgirl.com/ Kate Hall

    I would love a working area like this! Ahhh, a girl can dream!

    • http://treasuretromp.com/ Nicole @ Treasure Tromp

      oh me too!

  • http://www.northernbellediaries.com/ Lisette

    I LOOOOOVE that gold trellis in the top left. Love love love! I’ve learned that I do best with a desk that does NOT face a wall. My mind needs the openness of such a set up. I also love that antique chair.

    • http://treasuretromp.com/ Nicole @ Treasure Tromp

      isn’t it gorgeous? I wish that my desk didn’t face the wall. it faced a window with rose bushes before and the wall just isn’t the same!

  • Ember Grey

    love love LOVE!!!!!!! Thanks for posting this, it definitely gets me inspired to revamp my office! ;)

    • http://treasuretromp.com/ Nicole @ Treasure Tromp

      you’re more than welcome!

  • http://lostintravelsblog.com/ Chelsea @ Lost in Travels

    i think if you just put the pink tassel banner up at night, there’s no harm right?

    • http://treasuretromp.com/ Nicole @ Treasure Tromp

      totally. absolutely. done and done.

  • http://www.glossyblonde.com/ Niki Caron

    I think we have the same taste in home offices, and these are all absolutely gorgeous!!!

    • http://treasuretromp.com/ Nicole @ Treasure Tromp

      I’m not at all surprised that we have the same taste :)

  • http://thebenroecks.com/ Lisa

    Oh my goodness, those are all soooo pretty. Unfortunately I share my home office with Tim, who just doesn’t go with my girly and non-cluttered theme. Sigh. Maybe when we move I can set it up the way I like it for at least a day!

    • http://treasuretromp.com/ Nicole @ Treasure Tromp

      oh man, sharing an office is so hard! he owes you at least one day of girly!

      • http://thebenroecks.com/ Lisa

        Yeah… I guess I shouldn’t say I ‘share’ a home office because really it’s Tim’s home office and I would just like to decorate it. But I really think he’ll appreciate it when it’s done and beautiful!

        • http://treasuretromp.com/ Nicole @ Treasure Tromp

          absolutely he will!

  • http://www.kayliwanders.com/ Kayli Schattner

    Loving this office inspiration!! The favorite part of my office space is how big my desk is– it’s more of a crafting desk & all white– so I love designing for it. Just wish I had more space than the corner of my bedroom! ;)

    • http://treasuretromp.com/ Nicole @ Treasure Tromp

      ooh I would love an all white desk. mine is a light wood colored, which I love, but white is so chic!

  • http://lionandmaven.com/ Lauren

    So pretty! Having an inspiring office space makes a huge difference, I think I need a revamp soon!

    • http://treasuretromp.com/ Nicole @ Treasure Tromp

      it totally does! I need to revamp too!

  • Alisha B.

    I have an obsession with well decorated home offices! I work from home too and I am very limited with space..ive found a few ideas on Pinterest where people have turned their closets into a small office..i think that is what Im going to try to do soon!

    • http://treasuretromp.com/ Nicole @ Treasure Tromp

      oooh I’ve seen those closet offices! I think they are such a good idea!

  • Cole Nemeth

    So beautiful! I’ve been dying to make myself a nice office space but I seem to lack the funds and the space. I believe that your office space has a huge impact on your productivity level. Good luck on designing your home office :)

    • http://treasuretromp.com/ Nicole @ Treasure Tromp

      oh yes, lack of funds and space are major design buzz kills! Here’s hoping that I can make a pretty space with a lack of both!

  • Lisa McDermott

    LOVE the inspirations! Would love < for you to linkup your weekend recap with us! xo


    • http://treasuretromp.com/ Nicole @ Treasure Tromp

      aren’t they pretty?!

  • http://deliciouslyactive.blogspot.com/ bri @ deliciouslyactive

    I love the upper left. I have to admit, whenever I work from home, I am usually in pjs in bed. I will get up, get showered, just to throw on clean jammies and hop back in bed with my laptop. I’d be a total bum if I worked from home every day.

    • http://treasuretromp.com/ Nicole @ Treasure Tromp

      sounds a lot like me! Although I find that I’m more productive when I’m sitting at my desk vs in bed.

  • http://www.sunshine2thesquareinch.blogspot.com/ Beka Johnson

    These are so pretty. I love the light airy feel in all of them. Bright rooms somehow spark imagination and pink always helps =)

    • http://treasuretromp.com/ Nicole @ Treasure Tromp

      one thing that I love about our office is that it came painted a pale blue color which makes the room feel calm and relaxed. It makes for such a nice work space!

  • http://jennafinch.blogspot.com/ Jenna

    Love these! My favorites are the ones in the top right hand and bottom left hand corners :)

    • http://treasuretromp.com/ Nicole @ Treasure Tromp

      oh I love the top right as well! Totally my inspiration!

  • Maura

    i love the one on the bottom row in the middle! but really they’re all lovely. i just started working home and need to create a work space for myself! i always end up on the couch by 2pm lol

    • http://treasuretromp.com/ Nicole @ Treasure Tromp

      ha! I end up on the couch as well. :) Do you like working from home?

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  • http://www.thistooisfoundhere.blogspot.com/ Kari Holtkamp

    Love all these looks! The color combination is so cute. I made a pink/peach/gold tassel for my birthday last year and then hung it in my office/craft room that also doubles as our sun room. My husband doesn’t like it one bit, but I’ve managed to keep it up this long so I’m hoping he just forgets about it:)

    • http://treasuretromp.com/ Nicole @ Treasure Tromp

      that sounds so lovely! And I love that you keep it hanging :)

  • http://www.betsytransatlantically.blogspot.com/ Betsy Transatlantically

    THERE ARE NO DRAWERS! I love the simplicity of a Parsons Desk and I know they’re the hot thing right now, but I NEED drawers or everything will be a mess. is that weird?

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