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6 Best Travel Apps

6 Best Travel Apps

Updated – February 2017
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This will come as a surprise to nobody, but I do a lot of traveling. Take 2013, for example: I went to 5 countries on 3 different continents. And luckily, my trusty iPhone & iPad went on the journey with me. The following apps made traveling a breeze. The best thing about them: they are all FREE!

6 Best Travel Apps


Hands down my favorite travel app. The app searches your email and adds all of your travel information to one place. That way anything with a confirmation email (flight, hotel, rental car, adventures) is put in one place. Say goodbye to searching your email for flight or hotel information.

XE Currency

It is so easy to lose track of conversation rates when traveling around to other countries (learned that the hard way traveling to France from South Africa).XE Currency is the perfect app because not only will it update you on the current currency conversations but it can also be used offline. Just make sure to update it when you have internet.

FourSquare / Swarm

I'm aFourSquare / Swarm addict – any app that has badges wins me over quickly. But beyond just checking in everywhere you go (guilty) you can also search for restaurants and attractions close by. My favorite part of the app, however, is that I never have to worry about forgetting the name of a place / landmark / restaurant that I loved. I make a habit of checking in on this app as a way to document my trips so that I can easily remember my itinerary when I recommend places to friends or write about it on this blog.


Nothing is ever booked without a quick look at TripAdvisor. From hotels to attractions, I always check TripAdvisor before committing to anything.

WhatsApp Messenger

Since I typically do not use a data plan when traveling, I make sure to use WhatsApp Messenger to text friends and family at home. The nice thing about this app is that most people in other countries also use this app since texting can be expensive.


Confession: Sometimes I forget to wear sunscreen. I know that I should, but since I rarely burn I usually forget. And once I have it on I never know when to reapply. Enter Sunscreen. Input the UV Index for where you are, the SPF of the sunscreen, and your skin color and the app will set a timer letting you know when you should reapply. Don't know the UV Index? No worries – the app comes with an map and search function so that you can find out. So easy.

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6 Best Travel Apps

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  • jointhegossip

    I will def need to check out these apps!

    Happy 2014 :)

  • WhatsApp is a LIFESAVER for sure!

  • I use WhatsApp of a daily basis, andI hardly go anywhere that costs $ before looking it up on TripAdvisor. Great Apps, that’s for sure! x

    • The only thing that I don’t like about WhatsApp is that the notifications never pop up. Maybe just on my phone?

      • Hmm… I get push notifications from WhatsApp. Do you remember agreeing to allow them when you first installed it? My only advice would be to un-install and then reinstall it. (Which is how I solve 90% of my tech problems.) xx

  • These apps are great , I need Sunscreen in my life.

  • I get paranoid about not having internet or hotels/airlines losing reservations so I usually print everything off and carry it with me in paper form. but I might have to investigate this TripIt app for my next vacation, it could save a few trees :)

  • Inner Loop Adventures

    Thanks for the suggestions on *free* apps!! The sunscreen app is brilliant, I need it regardless of whether or not I’m traveling! P.S. I’m liking up for the first time today :) Love your blog!

  • I need to get the TripAdvisor app! It helped so much when we were planning our honeymoon! I should check out the rest too! Happy New Year!

  • I must check out the sunscreen app for sure!! Thanks for sharing, Nicole! I always pick up something new when I visit your blog :)

  • Wow that Sunscreen app sounds super cool. And whatsapp is my obsession!

  • Kam

    I’ve not used TripIt yet but keep hearing good things! Considering I travel so much for work I think I need to download it asap!

    Happy New Year!

  • Awesome travel apps! Thanks for sharing them.

  • I need that sunscreen app! I’m the opposite, because I burn SO easily, and I’m good at always applying 55 SPF first thing, but then I will zone out and totally forget to reapply until it is too late.

  • We would not have been able to figure anything out in Buenos Aires if not for that handy TripAdvisor app. Great suggestions!!

  • Jenn

    GREATTT post, that I’ll be pinning right after I comment : ) Excited to link up, too!

  • bookmarking this post!! awesome!

  • Yeeeeeeeeeah TripIt! Best app ever. And I have to try that Sunscreen app – that sounds so practical!

  • Thanks for sharing these tips! I had heard of Tripit before, but never used it myself. Will it sync with different email addresses (I have travel info on multiple email addresses)? XE Currency will certainly come in handy when I travel to Hungary next month. I’ve heard some ‘horror’ stories of how people were the victims of swindles when they were there. Does the app work without data/wifi?