This morning I hopped on a plane headed to Alaska! I’ll be doing some short and sweet updates while I’m away, but also have a few great guest posts from some of my favorite bloggers! For now, enjoy this weekend’s pinspiration:

Foodies: vanilla ice // celery // fettuccine // caprese redesign // homemade ranch

Love is in the air: Guestbook // Unusual dates // when you love somebody // 1 picture a year // 52

Photos Photos: Designs // Intro to photography overview // Photoshop basics

Pretty: Electric poles // hot air center piece // TP designs 

Garden: All natural feeder // growing mint 

  • Nature’s Nurture (@NaturesNurture)

    Hey, thanks for featuring my post on the celery tips! I’ve added your button to the post and to my Featured On page. Have a great week! :)

  • Lauren M.

    Love the tips on growing mint. I’m trying to grow some now and it has taken a downward turn :-

  • linnysvault

    We have a ton of mint growing in our front yard. I love it. Not only does it smell fantastic but it’s great for tea & food :)