Truth. Here is a little weekly pinspiration for you all. Lately my pinning has gotten a little out of control. Oops? I’m not the only one, right?

CUTE: Alpha Gamma Delta, Call Me Maybe love // and hearts // a new take on maps // found your match?
CRAFTERNOON: keeping the bugs away one wine bottle at a time // daily calendar to be reused each year // tuna can candle holders // ideas for my massive cork collection
YUM: chunky avocado salsa // veggie cooking guide // when to spice //  mac & cheeeeese


  • Nicole

    The first one is TOOOO funny!

  • BrigittaR

    Love that someecard!

  • Evani G

    Love that sorority t-shirt, that song is my crack. I just can’t quit it! Lolllll

  • Courtney

    Awesome candle holders – but I wonder if you can ever really get the tuna smell out of them! LOL

  • Kimberly Sneed

    ok love the maps one. i love everything maps! i think i’ll have to break out my atlas and silhouette… ;) thanks for linking up girl! make sure you link back to the “pinning” party to get twitter shout-outs and to be in the running for “pinning-est”!!


  • Monica

    ohhh no, you’re not the only one– my pinning has been pretty out of control lately, too…. but still worth it!