July Recap

Is July really coming to an end? How did that happen? It always amazes me how quickly the summer months fly by – in fact, I start my very last required class for my Ph.D. this Thursday (Theory-driven Program Evaluation, anyone?). The end of July is also bit rough for me, as today would have been my father’s 62 birthday. I’ll still be celebrating for him here. 
In addition to being able to relax at home, I now realize that I spent most of the month out of the state. Oops? Here a little recap of my favorite moments from the month, in case you missed it.




Tuesday Tango!

Happy Tuesday, everyone! I’m so excited to be co-hosting Tuesday Tango this week with After Nine To Five and From City Corporate to Suburb Mama! Make sure to check out all the other hosts and find some great new blogs.

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Makes Me Smile

Happy Monday! I’m returning home today from my trip to Alaska, which was unbelievable. Although I’m looking forward to being home, it is so hard to say goodbye to vacation. As I return home, this picture reminding me of my travels is making me smile this Monday. Seriously, love fair activities!