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Travel Tromp: Vancouver

Vancouver, Canada

Vancouver, Canada

This summer is quickly turning into the summer of travel. I think that my longest stay at home this summer is 2 weeks. While it can be a bit stressful living out of a suitcase, I'm so lucky that I have the opportunity to see new places, revisit some favorites and have new adventures.

Our trip to Vancouver was based off of two things: 1) convenience, and 2) I had never been to Canada and desperately wanted to go! So Matt and I took a 3.5 hour bus ride from downtown Seattle to Vancouver. Unfortunately, Matt got sick the first day we arrived, and I caught a cold on the last day so our sightseeing was pretty minimal. Even in the short amount of time I spent there, I completely fell in love with Vancouver!

Yum: The complete sushi nut that I am, I made it a priority to walk the 40 minutes from our hotel in downtown to Tojo's. And I was not disappointed. While the food was a little bit on the pricy side (okay, a lot on the pricy side), the quality was incredible and service was great. While we dined we were able to observe a private party and press event for Yoshi Rolls for Japan. Yoshi rode his bike across Canada to raise awareness and money for the earthquake that hit Japan last year. It was kind of fun to watch the interviews and photos while stuffing my face with yummy sushi. Additional yums include brunch at the Twisted Fork, and dinner at the tapas restaurant The Refinery.

Adventure: We spent most of our time downtown or on Granville Island, which has a cute public market and a ton of great shops and restaurants. Even though we both had a little bit of a cold, neither one of us could turn down the opportunity to go to a tasting at the Granville Island Brewery. So glad that we did! I was really surprised by how much I loved their raspberry beer. We also thought about going to a couple's psychic reading, but $75 was a little steep for a semi joke event.

A couple other pictures from our trip.

pretty sure that the quote says that BEER is proof, but I'll take wine.

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  1. BrigittaR
    6 years ago

    It’s cool you live so close to Canada. Plus yes, the quote is surely beer! cheers!

    1. treasuretromp
      6 years ago

      yes, it was really nice to be located to close to Canada that only a simple drive was necessary!

  2. Jessica
    5 years ago

    Isn’t Vancouver amazing!? I’ve only been once (live in the same country, but it still costs twice as much to fly to Vancouver as it does to fly to, say, florida) but I fell in love. I kind of want to move there now. If you ever go back, go to “the eatery” – its a sushi place that is fairly cheap, and the coolest place I’ve ever been. Best sushi ever.

  3. farmerchantelha
    4 years ago

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