Lies that Pinterest Told Me (in the Kitchen)

Every now and then I find something on pinterest that I must attempt. Usually it involves food. Last week these Crash Hot Potatoes were circulating and I decided to try my hand at them. And then I discovered that pinterest lies.

You can find the recipe using the link above, but it basically contains potatoes, olive oil, salt and an assortment of whatever herbs you want to through in. Sounds easy enough. Let’s recap my attempt in the kitchen. My pictures are the ones that look like they were shot with a camera phone. Because they were.

Step 1. Assembly of the yummies. So far so good!

Step 2. Boil Potatoes. No pictures, too boring, moving on. But I promise I succeeded in boiling them.

Step 3. Smash potatoes very delicately so that they remain in one piece.

And this is where I failed. A thousand tiny pieces of potatoes.

Step 4. Sprinkle with olive oil and herbs. Again, too boring for pictures and I think that I put on too much pepper.

Step 5. Cook at 450 degrees for 20-25 minutes or until delicious / beautiful.

And, this was a semi-fail. They looked disgusting (note that half are burnt and a quater of the size that they should be) but tasted great.

I define a kitchen success as anything that I can eat more than 5 bites of. And that is what I call a semi success in the kitchen.

Have you all been successful in your attempts at recreating what you see on pinterest?


  • Niki

    I’ve been pretty successful with baking recipes, but when it comes to small plates like appetizers in really cute little tiny portions – huge fail. It’s not even like you really have to do much cooking for those! I apparently just don’t have the capacity to go beyond desserts. :)

    • treasuretromp

      oh goodness, I am so bad at the baking recipes! maybe one day I’ll get them…

  • morgan @ {xoxo, me}

    hahaha. I’ve totally had my fair share of Pinterest recipe fails. You are not alone. All of the fails are definitely worht it, though, when you find that one amazing dish!

    • treasuretromp

      fingers are crossed that I find that dish soon!

  • Evani G

    LOL this post made me laugh Nicole! Yea, my pictures almost never look like the Pinterest ones. And I’ve definitely gotten in a fight with a couple cupcake recipes that turned out WRONG even though Pinterest raves about them. So you’re not alone! I love that you called it out though.


  • bestofbklyn

    Haha my recipes never turn out like pinterest ones, either! Need to work on my skills!

    • treasuretromp

      here is hoping that practice makes perfect – or at least something that can be eaten.

  • rach

    I tried this one once…had very similar results to yours, but you’re right–they’re good anyway!

    • treasuretromp

      Glad to know that I’m not alone!

  • Lesley

    Aww! I’m sure they still tasted just as good. It’s true Pinterest makes everything look so easy. That’s just not the case. x

    • treasuretromp

      haha, they tasted pretty good, I think but I def lost points for presentation

  • Lauren M.

    I haven’t tried any recipes on pinterest yet, just diy crafts and artwork. I have a lot of recipes pinned…maybe I will try one out one day!
    As long as your potatoes turned out tasty, that’s all that matters :)

    • treasuretromp

      I have pinned a bunch of diy crafts but am always too nervous / busy to actually try them. Hopefully I will push myself to do it soon!

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