First Life in the Garden!

Two weeks ago, Matthew and I decided to try to start a little garden in our backyard (detailed post here). We planted basil, dill and cilantro in small planters, and sweet corn and grape tomatoes in the little dirt space we had available in our yard (we thought that the landlords wouldn’t be thrilled if we dug up the grass to make room for more seeds). Since we did everything from seeds, I thought that it would take quite a while before we saw anything green. What a surprise it was to come home from my mini vacation to find this:

Do you see that? Little sweet corn sprouts! In our yard!

Even our little cilantro is starting to sprout (those little tiny, tiny green things).

It’s so exciting to see life from the little seeds that we planted only 2 weeklits ago. I can’t wait to watch the plants develop, change and grow!

In other news, our grapes are starting to grow as well! We’re so lucky to have these along with our orange, lemon and (hopefully fruitful) avocado trees!

This coming week we’re going to build big boxes so that I can plant my yellow squash and zucchini (a little late).

Enjoy your weekend!



Recents: Mini Vacation

After a week of traveling, I’m finally back home in southern California, sleeping in my own bed. And it feels fantastic. I decided to go out last night with a few girl friends that I haven’t seen in a while and came home to all of our laundry done / put away and a clean bedroom, courtesy of my manfriend. I’m such a lucky girl.

For those of you who follow me on instagram (@treasuretromp) you have already seen most of my pictures from my mini vacation to my hometown. For those of you who are not following, 1) what are you waiting for, and 2) enjoy!

1] wine time // 2] lovely toilet paper design left from the cleaning ladies // 3] sometimes I make a fancy dinner for my man complete with mood lighting // 4] Matthew biking to our sushi date // 5] the view from my bike // 6] first vineyards I see once I cross into Sonoma County // 7] blackbean grilled cheese & tomato soup // 8] oysters to the face // 9] typical couple shot // 10] family time (Matt, me and my mom) at the A’s vs Giants baseball game // 11] And the A’s win! // 12] picnic at the winery // 13] Hour 7 of the drive back home, just past Pyramid Lake on I-5 over the Grapevine // 14] first sign of life in our newly planted garden: sweet corn sprout! // 15] lunch: avocado, tomato & olive oil on toast


On Wednesdays We Drink Wine: Chateau St. Jean Tasting & Picnic

There is nothing better than drinking a glass of my favorite wine while snacking on yummy food during a picnic in beautiful weather. Luckily that is exactly how I spent my Monday. Although I’m a lover of all wines, I have a special place in my heart for Chateau St. Jean winery. I first got hooked on their delicious yet affordable  Chardonnay that you can pick up at any grocery store and in a lot of restaurants. You can safely assume that anytime that I see it on the menu I’ll be asking for at least 2 glasses during the timeframe of the meal.

About a year ago I went wine tasting at winery with my mom and boyfriend and made the best slightly tipsy decision of my life: join the wine club. Usually I do not like joining wine clubs as you sometimes get roped into buying wine that you may not life, but this was a no brainer. I have yet to try a wine from this place that I did not love instantly- red, white, even dessert. And the best part of being a wine club member? Free tastings of the classic wines and a huge discount on a tasting of the reserves (aka the good stuff). Needless to say, I capitalized on this perk during our trip to the winery Monday.

White: Being that I love their cheap Chardonnay, I go crazy for their Reserve Chardonnay. If you love smooth buttery Chardonnays as opposed to those that are more crisp, this is fantastic.

Red: I love their 8555 blend. Each year the wine maker takes the best of their reds and create a unique blend. This year available 8555 is 47% Merlot, 19% Petit Verdot, 11% Cabernet Sauvignon, 11% Syrah, 10% Malbec and 2% Cabernet Franc. Yeah, I don’t really know what that all means either, but it is delicious.

After wine tasting Matt and I enjoyed  a nice picnic (I took my picnic basket on the trip just in case the opportunity presented itself) with salads from my favorite restaurant in town, bottle of cheap chardonnay and the finest plastic wine glasses you can ask for when you forget your own.

Here are a few more pictures of this beautiful winery. If you make a trip to wine country, make sure to stop by to have a picnic of your own!

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