The Day Designer: The Ultimate Planner

Day Designer by Whitney English | Day Designer Review

There are few things that I love more than planning. In addition to planning out my monthly goals, I also spend time each Sunday to schedule out my week. Life can be tricky to balance when you’re a full-time student, work part-time, attempt to blog, engaged, and enjoy free time ever now and again. My Sunday planning sessions help to keep me on track with my goals / keep me sane when things get busy. As I’m sure you can imagine, I’m pretty particular about the type of planner I use to help organize my life. While Whitney English’s Day Designer is meant for creative entrepreneurs, this planner perfectly fits my needs.

The Day Designer: Opening PagesThe Day Designer: Sample Page

Day Designer Review

What I Love

+ Look. I absolutely love the classic look of the Day Designer. I just can’t say no to a black, white, and gold combo.
+ Worksheets. The first few pages of the planner is dedicated to worksheets designed to help creative entrepreneurs define and articulate their vision, skills, values, passions, and strengths in order to design a strategic brand plan. The worksheets emphasize the importance of understanding yourself in order to create your brand.
The Day Designer: Your Strategic Brand
+ Daily Layout. This most important aspect of a planner: page layout. The Day Designer gives each day a separate page with the exception of Saturday & Sunday, which share a page. Each week day has an hourly schedule (5am – 9pm), a top 3 daily to-dos, a general to-do list, an inspiration quote, and a small section for the 4 D’s: due, dinner, dollars, and don’t forget! The footer of the page also has a section for any downloads and your daily gratitude. The downloads seems like an odd section but I use that section to plan out my blog posts and sponsorships.
The Day Designer: Daily Layout
+ Monthly / Yearly Layout. In addition to the A+ daily layout, the Day Designer also offers the oh so essential Month/Year-At-A-Glance. The Month-at-a-Glance section has a full calendar (with boxes to write in), a place for your 3 big ideas of the month, and a section for how you want to focus on your passions, values, and living a well-designed life that month.
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Weekly Treasures, Currently

weekly treasures, currently


loving. Being back in my own bed. As much as I loved staying in Seattle last week, it is so nice to be back home.
writing. A new blog editorial calendar. Get excited!
reading. The Scorch Trials (Maze Runner, Book Two) . I’m almost done!
watching. Big Brother Canada season 1. Because I’m ridiculous.
craving. Fresh vegetables! I ate out a lot this last week so I can’t wait to cook up some fresh veggies.
obsessing. Over my GoPro HERO3+. I finally figured out how to use it with different mounts and harnesses.
wishing. That my thumb wasn’t killing me. I’m not sure why, but my thumb has been feeling really sore / in pain for the last month or so. I finally got myself a super sweet thumb brace.
needing. To familiarize myself with my new sweet tripod!
wanting. All of my plants to survive. I always manage to kill all my plants (even succulents) so I’m doing my best to keep all my current plants alive and well.
trying. To organize my life. I’m doing my best to put things away at the end of the night instead of just saying that I’ll get to it in the morning.
eating. Vegany type meals. Or at least I’m trying to.
drinking. nothing at the moment but I’m dying to give these drinks a try.

Follow Nicole’s board drinks. on Pinterest.

feeling. Excited about wedding planning!
hoping. That I can spend a little time in the pool this week.
clicking. On the links below.

Weekly Reads

Some of my favorite links this week:


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24 hours in Gothenburg.
Richmond Night Market in Vancouver, BC.
Some of the best places to travel in the fall.

Home life

Stylish camping essentials.
10 DIY plant ideas for the fall.
DIY peppermint and lemon foot scrub.
20 wedding planning lies. All lies!
DIY projects that you’ll actually want to try.
Let’s talk about sexist language.

Food & Drink

Vegan chocolate peanut butter avocado pudding.
A week in the life of a vegetarian.
Vegetarian steamed buns.
Quick guide to every herb and spice in the cupboard.
Roasted sweet potato slices with cilantro pesto.
A guide to tofu.

Weekly Recent Posts

2014 Fall TV Schedule – Returning Shows.
6 New Fall TV Shows.
Snow in Tromso.

Weekly Jam

2014 Fall TV Schedule – Returning Shows & Treat Yo’ Self Thursday {link-up #40}

2014 fall TV schedule
Last week I shared the six new fall TV shows that I’m excited to watch. This week I’m treating myself by sharing the returning shows that this TV addict can’t wait to return.

Fall TV Schedule – Returning Shows

CSI, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Family Guy


The Mindy Project

Modern Family, Criminal Minds, Survivor, Law & Order: SVU, Chicago P.D.

Scandal, Bones, Parenthood, Parks and Rec*

I know, it’s a lot. So, if I had to recommend 5 shows to put on your DVR, I would pick these:

  1. Brooklyn Nine-Nine. This show is surprisingly hilarious. While I’m not a huge fan of a lot of the female characters (the actors are a little weak to be honest) as a whole, the cast is awesome.
  2. Chicago P.D. I’m completely obsessed with this show. I’ve never seen Chicago Fire so a few of the story lines are a bit hard to follow, but overall, the acting is awesome, the plot is great, and Sophia Bush is a queen.
  3. Scandal. I mean, duh.
  4. Parenthood. I can’t believe that it is the last season of this show! I go through a box of tissue in each episode
  5. Bones. This show is only making the top 5 list because it is the last season of the show. And because I binge-watched the whole series while in South Africa because it was one of the only TV shows that I could stream / rent from the video store
  6. Bonus: Parks and Rec*. Probably the best show on TV. I can already see myself crying through the who (last) season

*I know that Parks and Rec doesn’t start until early 2015 but it felt wrong to not include it!

Which returning shows are you most excited for this fall?

Treat Yo’ Self Thursday!

Welcome to the 40th Treat Yo Self Thursday!

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1 Adventure In the Fall: We’re going to Greece in a couple weeks!

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