Bora Bora Beach Time

The best part of our honeymoon is that we did very little besides sitting on the beach. The beach, connected to the hotel, had lots of lounge chairs, a couple of hammocks, and a couple of pools to sit in as well. There was also a very conveniently located bar… View Post

Traveling to Bora Bora

When we were first planning our honeymoon, we had decided that we wanted to go somewhere that would allow us to spend the majority of the day on the beach or in the water. Originally, we decided that Belize would be a good fit: beautiful beaches, lots of snorkeling, and… View Post

ABCs of Winter

Every season Amanda creates an ABC list and every season I love reading them. I thought that it would be fun to create one for my first winter out in Seattle. ABCs of Winter Apple cider. Maybe even spiked apple cider. Birthdays! My birthday, the last of the 20s, is… View Post

Wedding Music

Those of you who have planned a wedding or are currently planning a wedding know that certain aspects of the process can be … um … stressful. One of my favorite parts of wedding planning, however, was picking the wedding music! Music has always played an important role in my… View Post

Current Treasures

Currently loving. my Day Designer Mini! There is nothing quite like a new planner at the beginning of the year. learning. … smelling. my diptyque ‘Sapin’ candle. This thing is amazing writing. some content upgrades and new blog posts … and an email course, yay! reading. The Girl in the Spider’s Web, the 4th installment… View Post

Current Treasures

Currently loving. playing with my planner. I have been using the normal Day Designer for the last few years but am switching to the Day Designer Mini in 2016. learning. how to decorate my planner with washi tape and stickers. Thank goodness for all those #PlanWithMe images and youtube videos.… View Post

Holiday Traditions

The holidays, from Thanksgiving to New Years, are my favorite time of the year (the fact that my birthday and our dateaversary are also during that time frame doesn’t hurt). Original photo from Maggie OsterbergI love that people seem happier and more grateful during the holidays and seem to be… View Post

Gifts for Travelers – Wanderlust

Last week I shared a gift guide for the adventurer in your life. But we don’t all have the luxury or opportunity for constant travel. Here are some awesome gifts for travelers to help inspire wanderlust while at home. Note – this page contains some affiliate links. Gifts for Travelers… View Post

Gifts for Travelers – Adventurers

Raise your hand if you haven’t started your holiday shopping yet! If you have a travel lover in your life who is constantly embarking on a new adventure, I promise that they’ll love some of the gift listed below. Next week I’ll share another gift guide for your family and… View Post