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I was prepared for the rain during Seattle winters. I was prepared for the sunshine in during Seattle summers. I was prepared for the crisp weather during Seattle falls. I was not prepared, however, for spring in Seattle. I was truly not ready for how breathtakingly beautiful it is!  … View Post

Hello from Palm Springs! We’re spending the weekend in this beautiful desert oasis to celebrate the marriage of our friends. I’ll provide a full recap and travel guide when we get back to Seattle but in the meantime, you can follow along on instagram (treasuretromp) OR, my new favorite social… View Post

Currently loving. spring! I’ve miss you, sunshine! learning. how to train Lulu and keep her from training me; this is an impossible mission. smelling. all the pretty flowers. writing. in my bullet journal! reading. The Girl in the Spider’s Web, the 4th installment of the Millennium series. still. watching. The Catch –… View Post

As I have previously mentioned, the goal of our honeymoon was to sit around on the beach all day drinking beer (mission accomplished). There was only 2 things great enough to get me to leave the hotel / resort: (1) swimming with sting rays and sharks, and (2) snorkeling. I’ll… View Post

One of the highlights of our honeymoon was seeing the Bora Bora Turtle Center, which happened to be located at our hotel. Bora Bora Turtle and Ecological Center The Center is a sanctuary and nursery for sick Sea Turtles in French Polynesia. It is actually part of the Ecological Center,… View Post

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If there is one thing that Bora Bora is known for it is the overwater bungalows. Whoa. Le Meridien Bora Bora From the moment we arrived, we fell in love with the Le Meridien Bora Bora. What’s not to love about a hotel that greets you at the airport with… View Post

It’s been two and half weeks since Lulu came into our lives. It has been a wonderful experience and we’re so lucky to have her, but I would be lying if said that it was easy. No it isn’t just sunshine and rainbows. Raising a puppy is hard. Really hard.… View Post

We did it! We finally expanded our family! Adoption Story If you’ve followed this blog, then you know that my puppy clock has been ticking for quite a while. We had originally started talking about adopting a puppy when we first moved in together, but a variety of things got… View Post